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The following highlights the Florida Gateway College Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid recipients.

Required SAP Standards

  • Maintain an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0.
  • Maintain a Completion Rate of 67%.  To determine the completion rate, divide the number of hours completed with a passing grade by the attempted hours. For example, 30 passed hours divided by 45 attempted hours, or (30÷45=66.6%) 66.6% is rounded to 67%, and meets the minimum SAP standard.
  • Once a student has attempted 150% of the credits needed to complete a program of study, they have reach the MAX150 threshold and are no longer eligible to receive financial aid for that program of study. For example, an AA program is 60 credits in length. The MAX150 threshold would be 90 credits (150% x 60=90). Therefore, after 90 credits attempted a student is no longer eligible for that program of study.

Failure to Meet SAP Standards

When a student fails to meet the financial aid SAP standards, their eligibility for financial aid will fall into one of three statuses:

  • Status 1: Financial Aid Warning
  • Status 2: Financial Aid Suspension
  • Status 3: Financial Aid Probation

Financial Aid Warning

The first semester a study does not meet SAP they are placed on a warning.

  • Notification: is given to students via his or her account.
  • Student can continue to receive federal funds.
    • However, loan students with a GPA below 2.0 will not be eligible for their loans.
  • If unsuccessful with SAP after first semester on Warning students are placed on suspension
  • This does not apply to students who are MAX150.

Financial Aid Suspension

The second semester a student fails to meet SAP they are placed on a suspension.

  • Notification is given to students via his or her account.
  • Students who are MAX150 are automatically placed on suspension.
    • If a student has mitigating circumstances they can appeal in attempt to continue receiving federal aid.

Financial Aid Probation

When a student is on Financial Aid Suspension, but an appeal was approved for the student.

  • Once probation status has been granted the student regains eligibility for federal aid for one semester.
  • Student must follow the requirements of his or her academic plan.
  • If the requirements are met, the student is able to continue receiving aid for the next semester.
  • Grades are checked at the end of every semester.

Visit SAP for more information on the Federal Standards of Academic Progress. Please note that some of the federal policies may differ from policies at Florida Gateway College.