Allie Williams

12th grader with 3.11 GPA

She intends to become a surgeon. 

Allie participates in Band, BETA Club, HOSA and Health Academy.


“My greatest achievement is getting my AA before I graduate high school.

My favorite subjects are math, science and anatomy and physiology.

Words of wisdom for upcoming new Dual Enrollment students would be to NOT take 5 classes at a time and to set your goals high.

My favorite quote is “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.”


            Allie’s already enlisted into the United States Army as an E-3 starting this July.  She wants to get her CNA and her EKG by the time she graduates high school.

Name: Maggie Zawoy

High School Grade Level: 12th Grade

Intended Major: Biochemistry

College GPA: 4.0

Clubs/Extracurriculars: Phi Theta Kappa

What is your greatest academic achievement so far? (This can be a challenge outside school that interfered with your normal academic abilities, a particularly difficult subject for you that you have overcome, or even a victory such as joining an academic honor society)

My greatest academic achievement would probably be consistence. Although that may sound a little boring, it is the achievement I am most proud of. Consistence and hard work are directly responsible for every accomplishment I’ve ever had. It has allowed me to maintain a 4.0 college GPA, independently study Russian, and stick with piano and art for 12 years.

Your favorite subject:

Organic Chemistry is my favorite subject. Chemical reactions are really fascinating to me. Organic Chemistry is the largest factor in why I am planning on majoring in biochemistry in the future.

Any causes you are passionate about? How do you serve the cause or spread awareness about the cause?

There are several causes I am passionate about. The largest would probably be animal welfare, which I make an effort to support every day. My mother and father instilled a respect for all life in me since I was very young, and the importance has really stuck with me. I began helping my family rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife as young as age four, which we continue to do to this day. We also take care of almost a dozen neighborhood stray animals in addition to our own pets. I make a lot of decisions based on my concern for animal welfare from as large as petitioning against factory farming to as small as feeding hungry pets. One day, I hope I can contribute even more support to this cause.

Advice for upcoming new Dual Enrollment students?

My main piece of advice for dual enrollment students would be to never procrastinate. One of my biggest enemies is procrastination. I speak from experience when I say that the longer you leave an assignment, the harder it becomes to do. There is one great, but fairly odd way I have found to combat this. Invent deadlines. If something is due on a Tuesday, I set a deadline for Saturday and force myself to do it by then. The best part about this technique is that when planning for these deadlines, if an emergency or technical issue arises that throws you off schedule, you won’t have to play catch-up to turn your assignments in because they will already be done.

Your favorite quote:

“Every portrait painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not the sitter.” – Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey

Anything additional you would like to tell us about yourself:

Even though I want a career in science, I really love art and music as well. People like to think that you can’t enjoy both STEM subjects and humanities, but that’s not true at all. I have been studying piano and art for almost 12 years, and they are both extremely important to me. My favorite classical piano composers would be Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev, but I also really like to transpose contemporary music to the piano as well.