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Welcome to FGC

Start Your Journey

FGC offers open-access admission, which means we’re committed to helping every potential student access our academic programs and services. Applications are accepted year-round, but we recommend you start the process early to ensure you have time to provide any necessary documents so that you can ultimately enroll in the classes you need.

Enrollment Types

We’ve organized the steps to enrollment based on the type of student you are. Although the enrollment steps vary based on student type, the admissions process is simple for every student.

We are here to help you through this process. Contact us at 386-752-1822 or for assistance. Thank you for considering FGC!

Programs of Study

Review the Programs of Study for Admission Application document for a quick view of FGC’s programs and any footnotes related to admissions. All FGC programs require an FGC Admission Application, processing of which is free. Almost all programs require an official high transcript, and limited access and baccalaureate programs require additional program applications.

Priority Admission Processing Deadlines

Applying and submitting required documents by the priority processing date ensures that you have plenty of time to meet with an advisor and have more choice in classes at the time of registration. These are also the recommended financial aid deadlines that will ensure your aid is processed in time for class registration. Applications are accepted year round, and we gladly process them at any time, but we recommend you aim for these dates for your most seamless, successful start with more schedule options. Refer to the academic calendar for important deadlines and due dates as well as dates for each semester.

Have Questions?

If you would like assistance completing your admissions application, please contact us at (386) 752-1822 or schedule a meeting with one of our helpful recruiters. They are ready to assist you through the enrollment process.

Recruitment Events

Interested in learning more about FGC? We offer various recruitment events to give you the chance to learn more about who we are, what we offer, how you can pursue your passions, and why FGC is the perfect fit for you!