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Meet the Recruiters

Email one of our recruiters to set up a Zoom meeting or phone call. Get your questions answered and start your journey at FGC! If you’re interested in visiting our campus, we look forward to hosting you.

Brian Lloyd

Schools: FGC (AA), University of Florida (BA) and Arizona State University (MA)
Hometown: Deleon Springs, Florida
Fun fact: Has visited 6 different countries
Favorite quote: Alexander the Great: “There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”
Time at FGC: 6 years +
Favorite thing about FGC: All the various programs and degree offerings that are available at FGC.

Email :

Shawana Wilson

Schools: Port St. Lucie High, Columbia Southern University
Hometown: York, Pa
Fun fact: I like to randomly sing my responses
Favorite quote: I know the plans I have for you… To give you an expected end… Now what’s your expectation?
Time at FGC: 3 years
Favorite thing about FGC: FGC really puts the student first in making decisions that are best for the college. I’m surrounded by really cool people that actually care.

Email :