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Welcome to the FGC Test Center!

Testing is an integral part of starting at Florida Gateway College. It is our mission to provide accessible, comprehensive testing services to Florida Gateway College students and the surrounding community. The Test Center maintains and adheres to all standards and guidelines set forth by the National College Testing Association (NCTA).

Testing services are available to assist students throughout their pursuit of higher education at Florida Gateway College and beyond. The Test Center administers all exams by appointment only. Walk-in exams or same-day appointments are not recommended and will only be considered for current students needing to make up exams. 

A valid Government ID is required for all testing in the Test Center. Dual enrollment students without a Government ID or Student ID from their high school should have their school fill out an Alternate ID Form (see below).

The Test Center is located in the Hall Student Center, behind the security office. Look for the signs in the hallway.

For questions, or to reschedule or cancel an exam, please contact the Test Center staff at:

Phone: 386-754-4333; Fax: 386-754-4833; or Email:

Hours: Fall/Spring
Monday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM; Friday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Hours: Summer
Monday – Thursday: 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM; Closed on Fridays

Test Center Forms

College Placement Tests

PERT (Post-Secondary Readiness Test) Scores

The PERT is an entry-level placement test required of all degree-seeking students in the Florida College System according to Florida Statutes, Section 1008.30, Rule 6A-10.0315. This test will determine your initial placement in English, reading and mathematics courses. 

If you have taken the PERT at another institution or at your high school within the last two years, please contact the Test Center.

If you have taken the PERT at Florida Gateway College and would like your score report sent to another institution, please fill out the Score Request Form and email it to


The ACCUPLACER is another entry-level placement exam a student can take anywhere it is offered.  This exam is utilized for students outside of the state of Florida to determine your initial placement in English, reading and mathematics courses.  You can research and schedule your exam here.

If you have taken the ACCUPLACER exam, please log into your student account and follow the directions for printing and sending your score report. Florida Gateway College cannot provide official scores for this test to another college. You must request your score report be sent to each school individually.

ACT/SAT Scores

The ACT and SAT exams are usually taken during high school, and the scores can be utilized for college-level placement.  If you have taken the ACT or SAT within the last two years, please log into your MyACT or CollegeBoard account and follow the directions for sending your score reports to Florida Gateway College. 

Florida Gateway College cannot provide official scores for these tests to another college. You must request your score report be sent to each school individually.


The GED, or General Education Development, is a high school equivalency set of tests. Once the test taker has passed all sections, they have met the high-school level of academic skills.  The four sections are mathematical reasoning, reasoning through language arts, social studies and science. 

If you are preparing to take the GED exam, please visit the to sign up for a free account, schedule an exam, access study materials, locate an in-person GED class site, or sign up for online GED classes.


The CLEP, or College-Level Examination Program, is a series of examinations that allow students to demonstrate competency in certain subjects and earn college credit for those courses without attending classes.  Up to 45 credits of coursework may be earned through CLEP exams. 

If you are interested in the CLEP exams offered, please visit

If you would like to take a CLEP exam, please visit to register. You will then need to schedule an exam date and time with our Test Center through our RegisterBlast link: You will choose Credit by Exam for the group and CLEP examination for the exam type. 

On the day of testing, please bring your photo ID and CLEP exam registration ticket, there is information on there that is needed to begin your exam.  Test Center staff does not have access to this information and cannot locate it. This information is only provided to the test taker.  

If you plan to attend another college or university, your CLEP scores do not transfer automatically with your Florida Gateway College transcript. You will need to send your CLEP scores in addition to your Florida Gateway College transcript to each college or university you are applying to. In order to send additional score reports, log into your CLEP account and complete a transcript request.

Civic Literacy Exam

Please click here for detailed information about the Civic Literacy exam.

*Note: A standard score of 50 or more on the American Government CLEP exam can be used to replace POS 1041 (American Government) and meet the requirements for the Civic Literacy exam.

Tests Provided

PearsonVue Tests including but not limited to FTCE , FDLE, FBAT, CompTIA, EMT, Firefighter, Insurance Exams







Dual Enrollment PERT and TABE

FGC Make-Up tests

Accommodations Testing