Florida Gateway College has several chartered clubs and organizations on its campus. We encourage you to enhance your college experience by getting involved in a club! If you are interested in starting a new club, please contact maryann.begley@fgc.edu.

Brain Bowl – James.Givvines@fgc.edu

Cheerleading – Alisa.Ring@fgc.edu

Cosmetology I – Paula.Redmond@fgc.edu

Cosmetology II – Brenda.Jernigan@fgc.edu

Cultures in Action – Amy.Dekle@fgc.eduAntonia.Robinson@fgc.edu

FGC Toastmasters – Kristen.Agulilar@fgc.edu

Future Teachers Club – Allyson.Dees@fgc.edu

Gay Straight Alliance – Nikaila.Morrison@fgc.eduMargaret.Rambo@fgc.edu

Mathematical Society – Frederic.Douglas@fgc.edu

Nerd and Gaming Alliance – Zac.Holder@fgc.edu

Phi Theta Kappa – John.Hawes@fgc.eduLindsey.Morton@fgc.edu

Student Government Association – Maryann.Begley@fgc.edu

Student Nursing Association –Patricia.Love@fgc.edu,  Kristeen.Roberts@fgc.edu


Activities Application

Club Charter Application

Fundraising Application

Sample Club Constitution

Service Program Form