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January 4, 2023

Florida Gateway College and Santa Fe College to Sign Five Articulation Agreements

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LAKE CITY, Fla. – On Friday, January 6, Florida Gateway College and Santa Fe College will officially enter into a set of five articulation agreements to broaden the academic opportunities for students at both institutions.

Under the new agreements, students enrolled at FGC or Santa Fe can smoothly transition into an associate or bachelor’s degree program offered by the other institution after completing their prerequisite coursework. Two of the agreements will allow FGC students to enroll in programs offered by Santa Fe, and three will allow SF students to complete FGC programs:

Florida Gateway College Santa Fe College

  • Biotechnology, A.S.
  • Industrial Biotechnology, B.A.S.

Santa Fe College Florida Gateway College

  • Elementary Education, B.S.
  • Environmental Science Technology, A.S.
  • Water Resource Management, B.A.S.

A signing ceremony will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, January 6, in the brand-new Quinn & Keith Leibfried STEM Building on the campus of FGC. During the event, Presidents Dr. Lawrence Barrett of FGC and Dr. Paul Broadie II of Santa Fe will officially sign the agreements, creating new opportunities for students to pursue their educational goals.

This cooperation between Florida College System schools offers students the chance to pursue a wider range of career paths while remaining in the more intimate educational environment of a state college. Smaller institutions can provide a world-class education along with individual, one-on-one attention that can be hard to find at a large university. The agreements also ensure that participating students will not need to worry about whether their credits will transfer to the new institution. Academic advisors at each school will be equipped to guide the students to assure them that they are on the right path to complete their degree program of choice.

These new articulation agreements focus on creating access for students in the North Central Florida region to education and careers in essential and cutting-edge industries that are in high demand, both in the region and nationwide.