Do I have an assigned advisor?

Yes, the advisor you see at your Initial Advising appointment is your assigned advisor.

You can find a listing of the Florida Gateway College Academic advisors along with their contact information here.

Are all of the programs at FGC advised in the Office of Advising Services?

No, some programs have advisors in other departments. Please see the Advising Guide for programs with advisors in other areas.

When should I see my academic advisor?

In order to be successful in your academic career, it is essential to stay informed, plan effectively, and engage in proactive, positive decision-making and problem-solving. Your academic advisor is here to help!

Academic advising is a partnership between student and academic advisor, and includes shared decision-making and responsibility. Make sure to meet with your academic advisor regularly to ensure that you are on the right track.

How do I schedule an appointment with my academic advisor?

Please call the advising office at 386-754-4222.

Can I change advisors?

Your request will be considered if you email a request to Please include your name, student ID, rational as to why you are requesting to change advisors. Please note all advisors are here to help each student engage in positive decision-making and problem-solving throughout your program of study, and to ensure you are on the right track for graduation. Please understand these changes cannot be based on emotional decisions.

Is advising mandatory?

Advising is mandatory for your first semester at FGC. We encourage you to see your advisor each semester to make sure you are on-track to graduate.

What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a class?

Dropping a class completely removes it from your record. It is like you never registered for the course. The tuition and fees for the course are usually refunded if the course is dropped. Withdrawing from a class appears as a “W” on your transcript and can impact your completion rate. The tuition and fees for the course will not be refunded, and may potentially be owed back to the entity that paid for the course. You must see your assigned Academic Advisor prior to withdrawing from a course. * You are encouraged to speak with the financial aid office prior to making a decision.

What is a prerequisite and why do I need it?

A prerequisite is a course that must be completed prior to the course in question. Prerequisite courses are important to develop a strong foundation in a content area for subsequent study.

How do I register for classes?

Go to and Enter Secure Area. Click on “Student”, then click on “Registration.”

How do I get a copy of my schedule?

Go to and Enter Secure Area. Click on “Student,” then “Registration,” then “Student Detail Schedule.” Click on “Print.”

What if I change my mind about taking a class?

Before the start of the term, you can make changes to your schedule without financial or academic consequences. Once the term has started, you will have financial obligations; these vary depending on when you submit your request to drop or withdraw from the course. In addition, depending on when you drop/withdraw, there may be implications for your academic progress and/or standing. Please consult the catalog for a refund and academic calendar.

I tried to register, but I have a hold. Why?

Students may incur holds for a variety of reasons, including missing documentation, an outstanding balance, or an issue regarding your academic status. To review your holds, go to My FGC and click on Student, click on Student Account, click on View Holds.

Where do I find my Syllabi?

You will find it when you log into Canvas or it will be provided by your instructor in class.

How do I change my major?

You must meet with your assigned advisor, and keep in mind not all credits taken may apply to the new major.

Can I change the days/times/instructor of my classes once the term has started?

Only during the drop/add period. You may find this on the academic calendar.

When is payment due?

Prior to the term starting, please check your academic calendar.

What is the difference between an AA degree and AS degree?

The Associate in Arts (AA) degree is the 2-year transferable degree to a university. The Associate in Science (AS) degree is designed to teach a specific skill set that prepares students to enter the workforce.

What office do I contact if I need accommodations in my classes?

Disability Services, Building 17
Phone: 386-754-4393