Why I Chose FGC :

We are sharing and looking for inspirational stories from our students, staff, faculty, board members, donors and community partners on why you have chosen FGC. Not just chosen to attend but maybe why you chose to teach, work, give, or support FGC. We will then share these incredible stories in print ads, on social media, in the community and through communications to prospective FGC students.

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Why I Chose FGC – Shay Clayton:


“I chose Florida Gateway College because of its incredible convenience and outstanding student service. Being a neighboring resident from Live Oak FL, it was a big convenience that FGC was right around the corner in Lake City FL. In addition to great location, FGC provided me with scholarships, affordable tuition, smaller on-campus and online classes, and job opportunities. They eased my financial burdens and worked around my schedules, making my academic journey much smoother.

Aside from affordable costs and manageable schedules, FGC is excellent at assuring success and personal growth. The faculty and staff at FGC have a passion and integrity to promote the college outside of business hours. Their phenomenal support systems makes students their top priority and has encouraged me to get involved and make connections through campus events and activities. This very encouragement has assisted me in showcasing my artistic talents and broadening my audience.”

Why I Chose FGC – Rylie O’Quinn:


I chose Florida Gateway College after moving to Lake City with my family, and immediately found it to be a warm, personal, and incredibly welcoming. Before moving to Lake City, I attended another Florida community college. While it was a good school, I unfortunately found that it was not a good fit for me personally. However, after coming to FGC, I was immediately and pleasantly surprised at the welcoming atmosphere the college offers. The campus isn’t too large, but I think that is another charm point: buildings are easy to find, and classes of similar subjects are typically held within the same building. This, coupled with how nice the college campus looks, makes it feel much more inviting then a daunting university campus.

FGC offers many programs of study, assistance, and events for students to enjoy; from the library to events hosted at the performing arts center, there is always something for students to utilize and prosper from.  The faculty at FGC, including the teachers, advisors, and all other staff members I have ever interacted with, are all friendly and sincere. Ultimately, I find FGC to be a great college for both traditional and non-traditional students, as it offers a support system to its students and staff. When discussing colleges with other people, I frequently recommend FGC, because I firmly believe it is a college that sticks to its motto: “start here, go anywhere.”

Why I Chose FGC – Eulalio Cruz:


“My ‘Why FGC’ is very dear to me. I cherish the opportunity to invest into the future of our students. I know how important it is for students to have mentors to encourage them towards a bright future. I had a troubled youth that caused me to be put in a situation that I did not believe in myself, but I had mentors that believed in me and saw my potential. I was able to visualize it and harness that potential to overcome those obstacles. It was all because someone believed in me, at a time I could not believe in myself.

That’s what I want to do for FGC students. Because I know as a young person they struggle with identity or many other matters. But, what matters is they have the ability to run this race of life with confidence, and they don’t have to fear the unknown and as we – having gone through what they have – share our experiences and wisdom, I have seen how it helps them. This is why I love my job, and welcome working with the future leaders of our community. I am simply paying forward what others have done for me.”


Tell Us Your FGC Story