FGC is the perfect place to complete the first two years of a baccalaureate degree close to home and at a low cost. Students may then transfer their Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree to their college of choice. FGC is working to establish partnerships with other colleges and universities to facilitate the seamless transfer of our associate degree graduates. These partnerships result in transfer articulation agreements, which guarantee services and admission of our graduates at the transfer institution. The following articulation agreements have been established by FGC:

In-State Transfer

University of North Florida

  • Students graduating from FGC with an AA degree and a 2.5 overall GPA, along with successful completion of any required prerequisites or approved skills test, are guaranteed admission into UNF. Guaranteed admission does not apply to UNF’s limited or selective access programs.
  • Once a student declares intent to transfer to UNF, FGC will coordinate with UNF staff to arrange on-site academic advising for the student.

University of Central Florida – UCF Online

  • This agreement applies to specific UCF Online undergraduate programs.
  • Students with an Associate of Arts degree or articulated Associate of Science degree can pursue one of UCF’s fully online Bachelor programs without having to relocate to Orlando.
  • Students receive assistance from UCF Student Success Coaches once they declare intention to transfer to UCF Online. UCF coaches will work with students to ensure the best choices for their intended program.
  • Fees for the campus-based services that are not utilized as a UCF online student are waived, resulting in student savings.

(The state of Florida’s 2+2 system guarantees that our AA graduates can apply to one of the Florida public universities and have their transfer credits earned at FGC protected in the transfer process. The above are in-state agreements that provide additional benefits to our transfer students at Florida public institutions.)

St. Leo University

  • Students graduating from FGC with an AA degree or an AS degree and a 2.0 cumulative GPA are guaranteed admission into SLU.
  • SLU staff are accessible on FGC’s campus through their Lake City Education Center. SLU offers on-campus evening and weekend classes at the Lake City campus, as well as online classes.
  • All transfer students are offered the Florida Resident Access Grant, which is state aid for private institutions.

Out-of-State Transfer 

Valdosta State University

  • Students graduating from FGC with an AA degree and a cumulative 2.0 GPA are guaranteed admission into VSU.
  • Students will receive up to 42 transfer credit hours in General Education Core Areas. Students will receive up to 18 credit hours in courses appropriate to the major, provided they follow the course recommendations for the particular major they have chosen.
  • Students must satisfy the Georgia Legislative requirements for US and Georgia History, and US and Georgia constitution (exemption tests will be administered at no charge for students who have taken an American/National Government class or a US History class at FGC).
  • VSU waives out-of-state tuition for Florida residents.

To further discuss your transfer options and/or declare your intention to transfer to one of our partner institutions, please contact your academic advisor. The Office of Advising Services may be contacted at 386-754-4222 or at advising@fgc.edu.