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Program Overview

Our world depends on the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). If you’re interested in exploring and expanding scientific frontiers and advancing technology, FGC offers a variety of programs that give you a foundation for exciting careers in STEM. From one-semester certificate programs to a Bachelor of Applied Science program, students gain an understanding of their area of study through research, analysis, and application. Choose from programs related to computer programming, computer networking, environmental science, horticulture, and water resources. In addition, you can choose from the two partnership programs of Biotechnology and Veterinary Technology, which allow you to complete the general education requirements at FGC and the core program classes at another Florida college.

FGC offers a selection of STEM-related Associate of Arts (AA) degree paths to suit your needs. More information on AA pathways is coming soon.

Degree Opportunities

Discover what you can do in the STEM programs. FGC offers a variety of degrees and certification opportunities. Click on a degree to learn more.

Environmental Science

Computer Science


Water Quality

Veterinary Technology


Coming Soon

Florida Gateway College has numerous new program pathways coming soon including Actuarial Science, Aerospace Engineering, Animal Science, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biological Engineering, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering Computer Engineering, Computer Science Cybersecurity, Electrical Engineering Forensic Science, Forest Resources & Conservation, Information Technology Marine Science, Materials Engineering Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering Meteorology, Microbiology, Physics, Statistics, Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, and Zoology. Stay tuned for updates on these programs!