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Contact Tonie Marsett at 386.754.4409 for further information about Distance Education Courses

Students seeking academic modifications due to a disability are required to register with the Disability Services Office (DSO). They should make an appointment to meet with the College Coordinator of Disability Services and provide recent, relevant and comprehensive documentation from an appropriate health care provider or professional. While an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) and 504 Plan are not generally considered adequate documentation, services may be provided with respect to accommodations received at the High School. The College and High School will work in cooperation to provide the appropriate services the student will need based on the delivery mode of the course (i.e., classroom, online, hybrid).

What must I have for an online course?

You must have a computer, an internet service provider, and course-related software (if required) such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office Professional. Check with your instructor for any special hardware or software that might be needed. Faculty members determine whether their online class will require proctored testing. The college offers free proctored testing. Students who opt to take proctored exams outside of the college’s proctored testing sites may incur additional costs.

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Distance Learning Fees

There may be additional charges associated with a distance learning course. Please see the class schedule for fees associated with each course. There are no additional charges associated with verification of student identity. Please click here for current fee information from the cashier’s office.

Tutorials and General Information

The following link leads to a wealth of resources for students, staff, and instructors from the Registrar’s office:

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