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February 24, 2022

Florida Gateway College offering FREE on-campus math classes in Summer 2022

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This Summer, Florida Gateway College students can take on-campus math courses for free.

Many students find math to be a difficult roadblock to overcome on their way to a career, especially one in science, technology, engineering, and other related fields. FGC is doing everything it can to set students on the path toward academic success and continue in its mission to make quality, affordable education accessible to all.

“We understand how critical a strong foundation in math is for our students, no matter the area of study they are pursuing,” said FGC President Dr. Lawrence Barrett. “And statistics tell us that in-person, face-to-face instruction is the best way to lay that foundation.”

Studies have found that college students enrolled in online math classes receive lower course grades on average, have lower pass rates, and are more likely to withdraw than their peers who receive in-person instruction in the classroom.

Whether it is their first college math class or the last credit needed to graduate, FGC students can get a head start this summer and one step closer to completing their degrees by taking advantage of this opportunity and the wide array of support resources always available at the college. FGC’s excellent math faculty, academic advisors, and free tutoring services are all ready to help students succeed.

This offer continues FGC’s long tradition of breaking down barriers and providing its students with the educational setting and resources they need to attain their academic and professional goals.

All FGC students are eligible to enroll in one tuition-free on-campus math course in the Summer 2022 term. More information can be found at or by calling 386-752-1822.