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Program Overview

The business program at FGC was set up to prepare graduates to contribute to the proper functioning of a business in any industry. This program is useful for office workers of all types and for self-employed professionals. A fundamental understanding of business is a must for survival in a capitalist economy. According to the US Census, approximately 83% of US workers are employed in some sort of business.

FGC offers a two-year A.S. Degree in Business Administration and a one-year Certificate in Business Management. Courses overlap between the two and cover basic business functions such as marketing, accounting, human resource management, supply chain, and business law. Most large corporations today demand a four-year degree in business, which can be obtained by attaining the two-year AA degree at FGC and then transferring to a university such as St. Leo’s that offers the 4-year degree in business, until such time as FGC has been approved to grant baccalaureates in business management.

FGC offers a selection of business-related Associate of Arts (AA) degree paths to suit your needs.

Degree Opportunities

Discover what you can do in the Business program. FGC offers a variety of degrees and certification opportunities. Click on a degree to learn more.