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Program Overview

Multimedia Design, College Credit Certificate (C.C.C.) – 15 hours (DMMD-CER)

In the Multimedia Design C.C.C., students learn the basic skills to create and adjust the content of multimedia presentations and projects. These include digital video production and editing, basic graphics creations, basic menu interface creation, design of basic animations, and application of design principles into their projects.

After completing this program, students will have a strong knowledge of the skills and equipment needed to produce multimedia projects, enabling them to make an informed choice about their future education and career path.


Florida Gateway College (Main Campus)

Testing Entrance Requirements

Students must demonstrate competence in reading, math, or language through placement examination or by passing the appropriate reading, math or language courses, if not exempt by state board of education rule 6A-10.0315.


Classes are held Monday through Thursday throughout the day.


  • Tuition: $1,549.80
  • Lab Fees: $95.00
  • Supplies: $100.00
  • Textbooks: $136.00

Careers at a Glance

Starting Salaries

Varies and ranges from $20,000 to $32,000.

In your area, people working as a multimedia designer may make $10 – $15.38/ hr.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of this certificate program have a variety of career opportunities, including becoming a videographer/editor, digital video content creator, multimedia designer, and multimedia specialist.

This college credit certificate is embedded in and can be completed as part of the Digital Media and Design A.S. program.

Program Details

Admission Requirements

To be officially considered for this program, a student must have a high school diploma or GED certificate, submit an application to FGC, and take a placement exam if not exempt by the state board of education rule 6A-10.0315.

Program Notes
  • Students can start any time, but the fall is preferable to stay in sequence.
  • This program offers students:
    • Small class sizes
    • Hands-on activities
    • Industry-grade equipment
Learning Outcomes
  • Students will effectively use the elements, and principles, of design to create successful design solutions.
  • Students will design and create animations/motion graphics to be used in a variety of media outlets (web, video, etc.).
  • Students will create digital video segments using the appropriate techniques that incorporate a clear message for a targeted audience.
Book List & Materials
  • DIG 2300C – Intro to 2D Animation 3 credits (“C” or better)
    • Tradigital Flash- Brooks #9781138012929  
  • DIG 2030C – Fundamentals of Digital Video 3 credits (“C” or better)
    • Adobe Premiere Pro CC Classroom in a Book- Jago #9780136602200  
  • DIG 2000C – Intro to Digital Media 3 credits (“C” or better)
    • Graphic Design CC 2020-Against the Clock #9781946396426
  • DIG 2109C – Digital Imaging with Photoshop 3 credits (“C” or better)
    • No title required      
  • GRA 1103C – Graphic Design Basics 3 credits (“C” or better)
    • No title required