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Spring 2021 Registration is Ongoing

We have a variety of Spring classes starting later in February and March.

  • The table below shows our classes starting on Feb 8th and March 11th with available seats as of Jan 28. View MyFGC for the full spring class schedule and up to date seat information.
  • Once you’re admitted and have met with your advisor, the five digit CRN number below may be used to quickly register for the class in MyFGC. Fees are due the day of registration.
  • Steps to get started as a current or new student are shown after the course listings below.
TitleSection AvailableCRNSessionStart DateEnd Date
Art Appr and Intro to Vis ArtsARH 1000 0I220087B122/85/3
Art History: Renaissance to ModernARH 2051 0I120088B122/85/3
Anatomy and Physiology IBSC 2085 0I420459B122/85/3
Anatomy and Physiology I LabBSC 2085L H0220460B122/85/3
Constitutional LawCJL 2062 3I120149B122/85/3
Human Growth and DevelopmentDEP 2004 3I520216B122/85/3
Introduction to the HumanitiesHUM 2020 0I820768B122/85/3
Mythology in the ArtsHUM 2310 0I120114B122/85/3
Hist of American Popular MusicMUH 2019 0I120115B122/85/3
Music AppreciationMUL 1010 0I220117B122/85/3
Introduction to LogicPHI 1100 0I120118B122/85/3
EthicsPHI 2600 0I420739B122/85/3
General Biology I with LabBSC 2010C 0I620441B83/115/3
Anatomy and Physiology IIBSC 2086 0I320471B83/115/3
Anatomy and Physiology II LabBSC 2086L H0120472B83/115/3
Understanding Crmnl BehaviorCJC 2400 3I120151B83/115/3
Human Growth and DevelopmentDEP 2004 3I620217B83/115/3
Principles of Writing IIENC 0025 07120565B83/115/3
Freshman Composition IENC 1101 0I620577B83/115/3
Earth ScienceGLY 1001 0I420494B83/115/3
Introduction to the HumanitiesHUM 2020 0I720109B83/115/3
College AlgebraMAC 1105 0I520511B83/115/3
Elementary AlgebraMAT 0028 00320527B83/115/3
Intermediate AlgebraMAT 1033 00520538B83/115/3
General Psychology IPSY 2012 3I620228B83/115/3
Public SpeakingSPC 2608 H7220608B83/115/3
Acting IITPP 1111 H0120133B83/115/3

Depending on your current student status, we make class registration easy! Find which category of student fits you best and follow the below steps. Otherwise, you can apply directly with the link below.

Steps For Current Students

  1. Run a Degree Evaluation on MyFGC. Watch module 9 here for help conducting an evaluation.
  2. Contact your advisor here or call 386-754-4222.
  3. View the schedule on MyFGC.
  4. Complete your 2020-2021 FAFSA.
  5. Register in MyFGC!

Steps for New Students

If you are a new student to FGC, or need to reapply, visit our Admissions Information page for requirements based up on your student type.

Recently Admitted but Never Attended?

If you were admitted in Summer or Fall 2020 and never attended, you are still eligible to register in Spring 2021 without updating your application. Please contact us at 386-752-1822 for verification and information on your next steps to get started.