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Register for Spring 2022 Express Sessions now!

You still have time to take a spring class, and you can receive Tuition Assistance in Spring 2022 – up to $500!

HEre’s own you can receive up to $500

Associate and Bachelor Students

  • Full-time, standard Associate and Bachelor degree-seeking students enrolling in Spring 2022 for 12 or more credit hours will receive $500 in tuition assistance, upon consent. Consent will be collected when you log in to MyFGC at the start of registration on Oct. 25th.
  • Part-time, standard Associate and Bachelor degree-seeking students enrolling in less than 12 credit hours, will receive $300.

College Credit Certificates and ATD Students

  • Full-time, standard College Credit Certificate and ATD Students enrolling in Spring 2022 for 12 or more credit hours will receive $500. Part-time, standard College Credit Certificate and ATD Students, enrolling in less than 12 credit hours, will receive $300.

Occupational Certificate Students

  • Standard, Occupational Certificate students will receive $500.

Consent must be given to have tuition assistance applied to your balance. Log in to MyFGC to register and give consent beginning Oct. 25th.

We have a variety of spring classes starting later in January and March. Below is the information to help you get started this spring:

  • If you have not completed your admission application, you may do so now by going to and click Apply at the top.
  • For detailed steps on getting started (application, documents required, advising appointment, financial aid, etc.) go to our admissions page and select the type of student you are to view your enrollment steps.
  • You may access MyFGC to view the full fall class schedule now, but the below list also shows our classes starting on January 31st and March 3rd. View the MyFGC class schedule for up to date seat information.
  • Once you’re admitted and have met with your advisor, the five digit CRN number below may be used to quickly register for the class in MyFGC. Fees are due the day of registration.

If you have any questions about getting started, please call 386-752-1822 or email Thank you for choosing Florida Gateway College!

Available Spring Classes

Course TitleSection AvailableCRNSessionStart DateEnd Date
U S History to 1865AMH 2010 0I320004B1231-Jan2-May
U S History from 1865AMH 2020 0I420012B1231-Jan2-May
Art Appr and Intro to Vis ArtsARH 1000 0I220654B1231-Jan2-May
Anatomy and Physiology IBSC 2085 0I420381B1231-Jan2-May
Anatomy and Physiology I LabBSC 2085L H0220382B1231-Jan2-May
Human Growth and DevelopmentDEP 2004 3I520281B1231-Jan2-May
Freshman Composition IIENC 1102 0I720115B1231-Jan2-May
Earth ScienceGLY 1001 0I420670B1231-Jan2-May
World Humanities: 14th to 20thHUM 2230 0I120046B1231-Jan2-May
Philosophy and ReligionHUM 2551 0I320666B1231-Jan2-May
Music AppreciationMUL 1010 0I220053B1231-Jan2-May
Introduction to LogicPHI 1100 0I120054B1231-Jan2-May
EthicsPHI 2600 0I420063B1231-Jan2-May
American GovernmentPOS 1041 0I320647B1231-Jan2-May
Public SpeakingSPC 2608 0I620668B1231-Jan2-May
Intro to SociologySYG 1000 3I320299B1231-Jan2-May
World History IIWOH 2022 0I220021B1231-Jan2-May
General Biology I with LabBSC 2010C 0I620362B83-Mar2-May
Anatomy and Physiology IIBSC 2086 0I320393B83-Mar2-May
Anatomy and Physiology II LabBSC 2086L H0120394B83-Mar2-May
Human Growth and DevelopmentDEP 2004 3I620282B83-Mar2-May
Principles of Writing IIENC 0025 H7120089B83-Mar2-May
Freshman Composition IENC 1101 0I520100B83-Mar2-May
Introduction to the HumanitiesHUM 2020 0I720044B83-Mar2-May
College AlgebraMAC 1105 00620534B83-Mar2-May
Elementary AlgebraMAT 0028 00320558B83-Mar2-May
Intermediate AlgebraMAT 1033 H0120568B83-Mar2-May
General Psychology IPSY 2012 3I620293B83-Mar2-May
Intro to SociologySYG 1000 H0220296B83-Mar2-May

Steps for New Students

If you are a new student to FGC, or need to reapply, visit our Admissions Information page for enrollment steps based up on your student type.

Steps For Current Students

  1. Run a Degree Evaluation on MyFGC. Watch module 9 here for help conducting an evaluation.
  2. Contact your advisor here or call 386-754-4222.
  3. View the schedule on MyFGC.
  4. Complete your 2020-2021 FAFSA.
  5. Register in MyFGC!

Recently Admitted but Never Attended?

If you were admitted in Summer 2021 or Fall 2021 and never attended, you are still eligible to register in Spring 2022 without updating your application. Please contact us at 386-752-1822 for verification and information on your next steps to get started.