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Register for Summer 2022 now!

Any course up to 3 credits is FREE + On-campus Math is FREE!

We care about student success, and online math is challenging for students nationwide, so join us in person for
math at no cost. For more information click here — FREE Math at FGC. All FGC students are eligible to enroll for one tuition-free (at in-state tuition rate) on-campus math course in the Summer 2022 term. In addition, students can take any other class (online or in-person, up to 3 credits) for free at the in-state tuition rate! Please note that both the on-campus math and any course up to three credits will be covered at the in-state tuition rate only. Any lab fees, distance learning fees, books and materials associated with the course will not be covered.

Summer Class Schedule

If you have any questions about receiving these free classes, please call 386-752-1822 or email Thank you for choosing Florida Gateway College!

Steps for New Students

If you are a new student to FGC, or need to reapply, visit our Admissions Information page for enrollment steps based up on your student type.

Steps For Current Students

  1. Run a Degree Evaluation on MyFGC. Watch module 9 here for help conducting an evaluation.
  2. Contact your advisor here or call 386-754-4222.
  3. View the schedule on MyFGC.
  4. Complete your 2021-2022 FAFSA.
  5. Register in MyFGC!

Recently Admitted but Never Attended?

If you were admitted in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 and never attended, you are still eligible to register in Summer 2022 without updating your application. Please contact us at 386-752-1822 for verification and information on your next steps to get started.