To request and receive academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and services, students who self-identify as having a disability must register in the Disability Services Office (DSO). A personal accommodation review (PAR) is prepared for each student and is contingent upon the information received by the student’s healthcare professional with regard to how the student’s disability impacts him/her.

Step 1

Students must self-identify by submitting their documentation and completing an Initial Registration Request Form to the DSO.

Documentation consists of recent (within the last 3 years), relevant, and comprehensive reports and/or diagnostic evaluations completed by a physician or licensed professional which states the nature of the disability and any limitations it imposes on the student’s participation in college activities.

Step 2

The coordinator will review the documentation to determine if the information provided is complete or incomplete and the student will be notified.

Please allow one week (from the date we receive the report) to review the report and or diagnostic evaluation.

Step 3

An appointment will be made to meet with the coordinator to complete the intake process and the student will be informed of the accommodations he/she is eligible to receive based on their personal accommodation review.