Registration (Add/Drop/Withdrawal)

Register for Classes

  • Consult with your advisor to map out a plan to reach your educational goals.
  • You may also be able to register online via MyFGC. Please visit our Tools and Tutorials page for instructions on this option.  During open registration or add/drop, you may also bring your registration form to Enrollment Services and a staff member will register you for classes.
  • Pay your fees by the required fee deadline. View the Academic Calendar for important fee deadlines.

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Dropping a Course vs. Withdrawing from a Course

There is a difference between “dropping” a course and “withdrawing” from a course.

Dropping is when a student cancels a course during the open registration or the drop/add period.  The student is eligible for a full refund.  Dropping is only permitted during the published registration and add/drop period.  Dropped courses do not count as an attempt.

Withdrawing from a course means the student no longer wants to attend class and receive a grade.  This takes place after the add/drop period has passed.  Students must officially withdraw from the course and may do so through the published date in the academic calendar.  There is no refund.  The class counts as an attempt in assessing the full cost of tuition charges for third or subsequent attempts at a course.  For shortened Express term classes, the last day to withdraw is the mid-point of the Express term.

Call Enrollment Services at 386-754-4280 for specific dates for withdrawals from Express courses or view the Part of Term dates.