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Summer 2023 Open Door Grant Program at FGC

FGC and the Florida Department of Education have partnered to offer the Open Door Grant Program, designed to support students in completion of short-term, in demand career and technical education programs. The purpose of the program is to better equip the workforce with needed skills/training, make workforce training more affordable and increase the interest in short term, high demand workforce education.

>> This opportunity offers students in eligible programs up to $3000 toward tuition, books and supplies, not otherwise covered by federal/state grants or other third party payment.

The following programs are eligible for Summer 2023 Open Door Grant funds:
How do I qualify for Summer 2023 Open Door Grant?
  1. Apply for admission to FGC
  2. Complete the Open Door Grant Application (one page, 6 question form)

Open Door Grant funds will be applied to the students account once the application has been approved, student program/course registration is verified, and other aid is applied.

Fall 2023 Open Door Grant Program

June 2023 Update: Legislative changes have occurred that impact the DOE department responsible for administering this grant, as well as funding available and requirements to receive the grant. We anticipate grant funds will be available for students in Fall 2023, but are not certain on amount or criteria. We will post updates to this page as we receive notifications on the future of the Open Door Grant.

Health info technology program