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Open Door Grant Program at FGC

The Open Door Grant Program is a financial aid program for students at a Florida College Systems institution to incentivize current and future workers to enroll in career and technical education programs that lead to a credential, certificate or degree.

This opportunity offers students in eligible programs a maximum award amount equal to 100% of tuition, fees, assessment costs, books and supplies, not otherwise covered by federal/state grants or other third party payment. This is subject to the availability of funding and returning students are give priority.

The following programs are eligible for Open Door Grant funds:
How do I qualify for Open Door Grant?
  1. Apply for admission to FGC
  2. Open Door Grant Application (one page, 6 question form)
  3. While not required for Open Door, it is highly encouraged that you complete the 24-25 FAFSA to determine any federal financial aid eligibility.

Open Door Grant funds will be applied to the students account once the application has been approved, student program/course registration is verified, and other aid is applied.

Health info technology program