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Have you been thinking about taking a fall class, but haven’t had time to enroll? That’s okay, you still have time!

We have a variety of fall classes starting later in September and October. Below is the information to help you get started this fall:

  • If you have not completed your admission application, you may do so now by going to and click Apply at the top.
  • For detailed steps on getting started (application, documents required, advising appointment, financial aid, etc.) go to our admissions page and select the type of student you are to view your enrollment steps.
  • You may access MyFGC to view the full fall class schedule now, but the below list also shows our classes starting on September 13th, October 14th and November 1st with available seats as of September 2. View the MyFGC class schedule for up to date seat information.
  • Once you’re admitted and have met with your advisor, the five digit CRN number below may be used to quickly register for the class in MyFGC. Fees are due the day of registration.

If you have any questions about getting started, please call 386-752-1822 or email Thank you for choosing Florida Gateway College!

Available Fall 2021 Classes (Generated September 2nd)

Course TitleSection AvailableCRNSessionStart End
U S History from 1865AMH 2020-0I410014B129/1312/9
U S History from 1865AMH 2020-0I510015B129/1312/9
Anatomy and Physiology IBSC 2085-0I410543B129/1312/9
Anatomy and Physiology I LabBSC 2085L-H0210544B129/1312/9
Operating Early Child FacilityEEC 2002-3I110290B129/1312/9
Freshman Composition IIENC 1102-0I610715B129/1312/9
Introduction to the HumanitiesHUM 2020-0I710672B129/1312/9
World Hum: Prehistory to 14thHUM 2210-0I110049B129/1312/9
Hist of American Popular MusicMUH 2019-0I110053B129/1312/9
Music AppreciationMUL 1010-0I210059B129/1312/9
Introduction to LogicPHI 1100-0I110061B129/1312/9
EthicsPHI 2600-0I410737B129/1312/9
American GovernmentPOS 1041-0I310738B129/1312/9
General Psychology IPSY 2012-0I510364B129/1312/9
U S History from 1865AMH 2020-0I610016B810/1412/9
Anatomy and Physiology IIBSC 2086-0I310555B810/1412/9
General Biology I with LabBSC 2010C-0I510530B810/1412/9
Anatomy and Physiology II LabBSC 2086L-H0110556B810/1412/9
Human Growth and DevelopmentDEP 2004-0I610356B810/1412/9
Principles of Writing IIENC 0025-H7110108B810/1412/9
Freshman Composition IIENC 1102-0I510132B810/1412/9
Business InternshipGEB 1949-0I110411B810/1412/9
Legal Aspects of Health InfoHIM 2012-H0110196B810/1412/9
Introduction to the HumanitiesHUM 2020-0I610048B810/1412/9
College AlgebraMAC 1105-00810457B810/1412/9
Elementary AlgebraMAT 0028-00310472B810/1412/9
Intermediate AlgebraMAT 1033-00810483B810/1412/9
General Psychology IPSY 2012-0I710739B810/1412/9
Public SpeakingSPC 2608-H7210152B810/1412/9
Theatre ProductionTHE 2925-07110013C511/112/9