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Have you been thinking about taking a Spring class, but haven’t had time to enroll? That’s okay, you still have time AND you’re still eligible for free classes!

We have a variety of Spring classes starting later in Spring. Below is the information to help you get started this Spring.

*If there are no available seats in a class that you want, you should register for the waitlist. Waitlists are monitored to determine need for additional classes or seats.*

  • If you have not completed your admission application, you may do so now by going to and click Apply at the top.
  • For detailed steps on getting started (application, documents required, advising appointment, financial aid, etc.) go to our admissions page and select the type of student you are to view your enrollment steps.
  • You may access MyFGC to view the full spring class schedule now, but the below list also shows our classes starting for the Spring Express Sessions. View the MyFGC class schedule for up to date seat information.
  • Once you’re admitted and have met with your advisor, the five digit CRN number below may be used to quickly register for the class in MyFGC. Fees are due the day of registration.

If you have any questions about getting started, please call 386-752-1822 or email Thank you for choosing Florida Gateway College!

Available Spring Express Classes:

TermCRNSubjectCourse #SectionTitlePart of TermStart DateEnd Date
20232020037AMH20100I2U S History to 1865B121/305/1
20232020047AMH20200I7U S History from 1865B121/305/1
20232020559BSC20850I4Anatomy and Physiology IB121/305/1
20232020560BSC2085LH02Anatomy and Physiology I LabB121/305/1
20232020034CJC24003I1Understanding Criminal BehaviorB121/305/1
20232020129DEP20040I5Human Growth and DevelopmentB121/305/1
20232020265ENC11010I6Freshman Composition IB121/305/1
20232020279ENC11020I5Freshman Composition IIB121/305/1
20232020080HUM20200I7Introduction to the HumanitiesB121/305/1
20232020699MAC11050I5College AlgebraB121/305/1
20232020700MAT10330I5Intermediate AlgebraB121/305/1
20232020701MGF11060I2Mathematics for Liberal Arts IB121/305/1
20232020085MUL10100I2Music AppreciationB121/305/1
20232020090PHI20100I3Introduction to PhilosophyB121/305/1
20232020054POS10410I5American GovernmentB121/305/1
20232020055POS21120I1State and Local GovernmentB121/305/1
20232020138PSY20120I5General Psychology IB121/305/1
20232020102REL23000I2Intro to World ReligionsB121/305/1
20232020121SLS23700I3Personal Academic & Career EngB121/305/1
20232020702STA20230I3Elementary StatisticsB121/305/1
20232020142SYG10000I3Intro to SociologyB121/305/1
20232020146AMH20200I8U S History from 1865B102/135/1
20232020539BSC2010C0I5General Biology I with LabB102/135/1
20232020266ENC11010I7Freshman Composition IB102/135/1
20232020280ENC11020I6Freshman Composition IIB102/135/1
20232020589GLY10010I3Earth ScienceB102/135/1
20232020148HUM20200I8Introduction to the HumanitiesB102/135/1
20232020520MAT10330I4Intermediate AlgebraB102/135/1
20232020147POS10410I6American GovernmentB102/135/1
20232020139PSY20120I6General Psychology IB102/135/1
20232020309SPC26080I4Public SpeakingB102/135/1
20232020571BSC20860I3Anatomy and Physiology IIB83/25/1
20232020540BSC2010C0I6General Biology I with LabB83/25/1
20232020572BSC2086LH01Anatomy and Physiology II LabB83/25/1
20232020416CHD12200I1Child Growth-Dev: Inf-PreschB83/25/1
20232020031CJL20803I1Comparative Legal SystemsB83/25/1
20232020130DEP20040I6Human Growth and DevelopmentB83/25/1
20232020253ENC0025H71Principles of Writing IIB83/25/1
20232020267ENC11010I8Freshman Composition IB83/25/1
20232020281ENC11020I7Freshman Composition IIB83/25/1
20232020590GLY10010I4Earth ScienceB83/25/1
20232020081HUM20200I9Introduction to the HumanitiesB83/25/1
20232020504MAT0028003Elementary AlgebraB83/25/1
20232020514MAT1033007Intermediate AlgebraB83/25/1
20232020632POS10410I7American GovernmentB83/25/1
20232020116SLS11050I5Skills for College SuccessB83/25/1
20232020310SPC26080I5Public SpeakingB83/25/1
20232020312SPC2608H72Public SpeakingB83/25/1
20232020106THE2925071Theatre ProductionC53/275/1
20232020107TPA2290071Tech Theatre LabC53/275/1