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John Reger selected to be FGC men’s golf coach! Stay tuned for more details on Coach John Reger and the men’s golf team.

Sports returning to FGC

Women’s volleyball, men’s golf coming first; men’s hoops, women’s cross-country will follow.

Article by Lake City Reporter:

Every time FGC President Lawrence Barrett runs into people in the grocery store, they always ask him when the college will have sports again.

When are you bringing back sports? Why doesn’t the college have sports?” he said.

After nearly a decade, Barrett is helping to bring sports back to FGC.

The District Board of Trustees approved Barrett’s plan Tuesday to introduce four intercollegiate sports programs at the college over the next two years. FGC plans to start a woman’s volleyball team and men’s golf team this fall followed by a men’s basketball team and women’s cross country team in 2018.

“We’re not just a college for academics,” Barrett said. “We need to support students through a variety of activities outside the classroom. It’s just as important to help a student succeed because they need that connectivity to the college.”

According to public information specialist Stephen Culotti, the college hasn’t had a sports team since 2008, when men’s baseball and women’s softball were eliminated from the budget. Women’s volleyball originally existed from 1969-78, men’s basketball existed from 1963-95 and men’s golf existed from 1963-78. Women’s cross country has never been at the school.

According to his presentation for the board, Barrett budgeted $46,200 for the first years of the athletic program and $99,400 in the second year. Through a state funding formula determined by the number of students taking classes, Barrett projected revenues of $59,850 in the first year and $113,400 in the second year.

FGC also plans to give away $10,000 in scholarships to women’s volleyball and men’s basketball and $5,000 in scholarships to men’s golf and women’s cross country each year that the sports are around. Barrett said volleyball and basketball will each have 12 players while golf and cross country will have about 5-7 each.

The school is obligated to offer equal participation to men and women under Title IX.


Currently, Barrett said, FGC is only one of two colleges at the state level that don’t have intercollegiate athletics programs, along with North Florida Community College in Madison.

Barrett said the school performed a survey of students, faculty and community members that showed 92 percent wanted sports to return. Women’s volleyball and men’s basketball were the top two sports voted in, with 80 and 70 percent of people surveyed saying they would like to see the school have each sport.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for our students to engage and develop some leadership skills and to recruit and get more enrollment here for our students,” he said. “I think it’s really important to engage students in different avenues.”

“I’d be into it,” said Charles Perry, an 18-year old dual enrollment student at FGC and Fort White. “I’d go to games and stuff, and I think plenty of people would want to play and get involved.”

Bryan Williams, a 20-year-old FGC student, said he thought it would be good for the whole community.

“I would be pretty excited,” he said. “It would be great for the community and local high schools. It’s be great for the city, too. The bigger your college, the bigger your city.”

Dominique McMillen, a 21-year-old hopes having sports will help get students more active on campus.