The Florida Gateway College Bookstore has partnered with MBS to offer students the opportunity to purchase textbooks and study aids online through their Studytactics website. The FGC Bookstore will still continue to be your primary source for textbooks and supplies.

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How to purchase your textbooks online

  1. Have your schedule next to you while shopping online.
  2. Locate the course number for each of your classes.
  3. IMPORTANT. Look at the section column to see if the same textbooks are used for all sections. If the same books are not used for all sections, specific section information such as the internet, distance learning, instructor, etc. will be noted. Buy carefully!!!
  4. Write down the textbook requirements (ISBN) and author/title from the booklist for each of your courses.
  5. Then click on BACK and click on ONLINE BOOKSTORE. This brings up the Studytactics website.
  6. Click on the SEARCH box on the right of the screen. The Products Search screen comes up.
  7. At By Keyword box – click on the arrow. Select ISBN, author, title, or keyword. The ISBN is the best method to search by.
  8. If you click on ISBN, click on Search For box and put ISBN in it. Then click on Search. Follow directions on the website from there to purchase books.

NOTICE: All returns must be sent to Studytactics. The FGC Bookstore is unable to accept your returns and credit your online purchases in the store. Shopping online may not fulfill all of your course textbook requirements. There are many textbook packages now and other textbooks which will not be available for purchase online.