What is the QEP?

  • QEP = Quality Enhancement Plan
  • Our Focus: Keep the PACE– Personal Academic and Career Engagement
  • Designed to help FGC students with academic and career readiness

Florida Gateway College PACE program graphic

How will the QEP benefit you?

  • Get 24/7 online access to educational and career resources and tools
  • Create an three-year education plan based on identified major and projected career and/or educational path upon graduation from FGC
  • Compose a content-based résumé through the use of an automatic resúmé-enhancement platform that uses artificial intelligence
  • Create an e-portfolio that demonstrates personal, academic, and professional growth, highlighting accomplishments, course artifacts, and accrued skills
  • Develop a financial plan based on the three-year education plan
  • Identify the importance of digital citizenship as it relates to professional image

What are the QEP Student Learning Outcomes?

Who is required to take the QEP?

  • All students whose primary major is Associate of Arts or Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

I. Executive Summary 

The mission of Florida Gateway College (FGC) is to provide superior instruction, nurture individual development, and enrich the community through quality higher education programs and lifelong learning opportunities. In an effort to support the mission, the College has developed the Personal Academic and Career Engagement (PACE) program for its Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The purpose of PACE is to help students create a path from FGC to the workforce or a university transfer by tracking their academic and professional development. This will help them become more marketable applicants to hiring managers and/or universities. During the PACE program, students will demonstrate progress through their academic programs by completing and submitting the following documents as deliverables:

• A three-year education plan focused on student goals and expectations after graduation;

• A professional e-portfolio that tracks their professional and academic progress through an analysis of coursework with relevant work samples and includes details about their prior and current professional, educational, and volunteering experiences;

• A content-based résumé vetted by an artificial intelligence platform.

Students will be introduced to the PACE program during the College’s New Student Orientation (NSO). The NSO introduces student and academic services at FGC and includes details on policies and procedures relating to financial aid, registration, and student life. During this mandatory orientation session, incoming students will create accounts for Portfolium and Career Coach, completing career assessments during this process. As they progress through their education, they will assess their personal growth and development by tracking key assignments identified by their faculty members.


The College will create a new course, SLS 2370, Personal Academic and Career Engagement, which will be offered once students earn 30 credit hours. During this course, they will develop and submit the deliverables as part of the course curriculum. These deliverables measure student achievement of the QEP’s Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

• Plan the educational steps needed to meet student career goals;

• Design a professional portfolio based on personal growth and development;

• Leverage the knowledge and skills developed throughout the educational experience to create a content-based résumé.

The new SLS 2370 course will be piloted during the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters with implementation during the 2021-2022 academic year. After a two-year phase-out plan, SLS 2370 will replace SLS 1501, The College Experience, which is a first-semester course designed to introduce new students to college resources, career exploration, study skills, and basic research. Students will now receive that introductory information and develop those basic academic skills through the NSO and in select general education courses

By implementing the QEP, the College is addressing the market need of helping students develop essential skills to transition into a four-year university or employment. The progressive engagement with academic and professional growth throughout their academic careers provides students with the content needed to complete the deliverables and become more marketable applicants. Students who complete the PACE QEP will “arrive ahead” in achieving their personal, academic, and career goals.