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Florida Gateway College does not offer formal GED classes. The Collegewide Learning Lab does provide access to those seeking to study for the GED access, for free, to all the resources the Lab has to offer: On-site and on-line tutorials, practice testing, videos, handouts and text material, access to peer tutors.

Individuals who fill out a non-credit college application also can take the TABE Test, an indicator of academic strengths and weaknesses, for free; these individuals can also have a $10.00 reduction in the cost of the actual GED Test with 12 hours of documented Lab use.

Florida Gateway College gives the GED several times a year. Please view the Florida Gateway College Test Center web page for this year’s schedule.

In Columbia County the Columbia County School Board also offers the GED test. For information contact the Adult Education Center at 386.752.1822. Outside of Columbia County, Florida we recommend contacting your local county school board, community college, vocational institution, or high school to find out where and when the GED may be given in your area.

For additional information, review, practice tests, additional resources you can visit the following free web sites:


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