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Monday – Thursday
8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Monday – Thursday
7:30 AM – 8:00 PM

The Student Success Center is available, with extended evening hours, to ALL students and the community.

For test review information or additional explanation, practice, or review of subject-specific topics please use the links provided. You can also contact the Student Success Center staff:

Practice Final Exams  I  Resources  I  Test Review

McKinley Jeffers mckinley.jeffers@fgc.edu 386.754.4437
Caryl Bender caryl.bender@fgc.edu 386.754.4305
or manager Dawn Havird dawn.havird@fgc.edu 386.754.4307

P1010017The Student Success Center is a stand-alone, multipurpose learning center available to all Florida Gateway College students, St. Leo University students, and the community. The Learning Lab provides student support and collaborates with classroom instruction: academically and technologically. The primary focus is to provide remedial and developmental instruction. Also to provide support for nontraditional students or for those who may be weak or hesitant concerning their academic abilities or need instruction in the use of technology to meet course requirements.

Assistance is provided in reading, math, writing, foreign languages, critical thinking, study and test taking skills, computer and internet basics. The Foreign Language Lab and Math Lab also fall under the umbrella of the Student Success Center.

P1010002The Student Success Center is equipped with over 60 IBM compatible computers, 3 MAC computers, laser jet printers, audio/visual resources, CD tutorials, computer and on-line academic tutorials, texts, handouts, and TUTORS.

Florida Gateway College provides free peer tutors in the Student Success Center covering all levels of math. Tutors for additional subject areas vary with the semesters. FGC also provides professional tutors through Smarthinking.com, an internet resource.

The Student Success Center staff is available to assist students and instructors with a wide variety of problems and situations.

2003-12-31 23.00.00-89Assistance with Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access, internet based and onsite lab computer tutorials, internet research, online course work, Blackboard and My Math Lab is readily available. The staff has over twenty-five years of experience with Florida Gateway College, not only as college employees but also as instructor, tutor, and student. We are happy to help students find answers to more than academic questions. We can help students tap into a wide variety of resources on campus.
We are here to help!