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Financial Aid Book Slip Process

All eligible financial aid recipients with a credit balance will be able to purchase books for summer 2016-2017 in the FGC college bookstore May 8, 2017 through May 25, 2017.  You will need to purchase books for ALL summer 2017 parts of term during these dates. 

Who is Eligible?

You may charge the cost of your books prior to financial aid being disbursed if you meet all the following criteria:

  1. Your Financial Aid Award has posted to your student account and you have completed the loan application process if you will be using loan funds to pay for books and supplies.
  2. You are registered for the current semesters classes.
  3. The total financial aid you will be receiving, at your registered credit level, exceeds your current account balance.
  4. You have accept your financial aid award on your FGC account.

Your Responsibilities

You will be held responsible for full payment of your books if you become ineligible for Financial Aid or your aid is not sufficient to cover your account balance. Failure to pay all charges on your account will prevent you from registering for future courses and a hold will be placed on all your academic records at Florida Gateway College. Your debt will also be referred to our collection agency for review.

You may go directly to the Bookstore to purchase your books and supplies in person. However, you may encounter long lines so please be prepared. You will need your FGC ID and schedule when charging your books at the Bookstore. Book charging OR book returns deadline is currently pending.



Refunds are disbursed to students 30-45 business days from the first day of class.