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BetterMynd – Student Assistance Program

Student Assistance Program

The BetterMynd Platform is a web-based internet application, accessible at, that enables college students to schedule and participate in teletherapy sessions with licensed mental health clinicians from the privacy and convenience of their laptops, smartphones, or tablets anywhere that they have an internet connection.

Connect with BetterMynd

The BetterMynd Platform is completely self-serve, allowing you to go to our website and register 24/7/365. By simply clicking a link and going to BetterMynd’s website, you can register, create an account, and access BetterMynd’s network of licensed counselors.

Upon registration, you will be required to use your FGC email address to verify that you are a Florida Gateway College student. You will then be able to see the FGC/BetterMynd student portal, that includes information about other on-campus and local behavioral health resources.