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BayCare Life Management – Student Assistance Program

Student Assistance Program

In these uncertain times, one thing remains the same: BayCare is here to help. The Student Assistance Program has more than 200 therapists across the state ready to offer virtual and telephonic counseling sessions. Simply contact us at (800) 878-5470 or to request assistance.

Connect with BayCare

BayCare Life Management provides a comprehensive student assistance program for Florida Gateway College students. The program provides twenty-four-hour telephone access for personal counseling issues. Counseling topics may include stress, anxiety, adjustment to college, depression, substance abuse, unhealthy relationships, time management, etc.

There is no cost to the student for assessment, referral, and up to three counseling sessions per student per year. Students may call BayCare toll free at 1-800-878-5470 to access these free services. These calls and subsequent counseling sessions are confidential.

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