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Art Club

Art Club focuses on providing arts and crafts activities to the Florida Gateway Campus, allowing members to experiment with, practice, talk about and enjoy various artistic styles and experiences!

Art Club is open to all students, regardless of degree or enrollment in art courses. We work in conjunction with the Design and Theater departments to support and provide artistic outlets for FGC.

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Bass Fishing Club

The FGC Bass Fishing Club will be formed to compete in multiple college bass fishing tournaments across the Southeastern United States. Club members will be anglers from across the U.S. competing for spots on our traveling team, with an emphasis on HS Fishing resumes and competition results.


Brain Bowl Team (aka Quiz Bowl)

A competitive team competes against other colleges from Florida and (sometimes) other states in tournaments covering academic knowledge. Questions are longer than Jeopardy; they are typically 3-5 sentences long and scoped so that knowing more information about topics can allow you to buzz in early to beat out the other team. Topics range from Science, History and other Social Sciences, Humanities like Literature, Mythology, Art and Music, plus current events. A team consists of up to 4 players, and we occasionally have enough players for two teams. We often travel for competitions around Florida and have even competed nationally with travel to Atlanta, St. Louis, and Chicago in past years. The college pays for the travel (hotel, food, registration, and van/airplane), plus scholarships are available.


Cosmetology Club I

The purpose of the Cosmetology Club 1 is to provide unity and social bonding among cosmetology students and to establish a system for cosmetology students to become involved in campus activities, programs and provide an opportunity for students to integrate and immerse in the Florida Gateway College experience.

Cosmo Club 1 is also an excellent platform for practicing the organizational and collaborative skills necessary for the Cosmetology professional.


Cosmetology II

Florida Gateway College Cosmetology Club supports the efforts and endeavors of our Cosmetology students as they move forward in the program. The Cosmetology Club helps to reinforce the technical skills and the knowledge of the students by allowing them to participate in additional job-related activities such as field trips, trade shows, workshops, and seminars to enhance their classroom experience while in the program. The club encourages volunteering in the community to promote positive relationships between cosmetologists and students. The club also allows them to operate in various leadership roles to prepare them for successful careers.


Cultures in Action

The Cultures in Action Club strives to promote cultural awareness and understanding of our campus community. We strive to have an inclusive environment for all of our students and provide our students with the tools they need to succeed while matriculating at Florida Gateway College. 

The advisors of the club are readily available to assist with any obstacles. They are open to discussions with students that will help aid their success here at Florida Gateway College.


Future Teachers Club

The Future Teachers Club is a club for all Florida Gateway College’s education students to come together and collaborate on concepts and ideas surrounding the education field in today’s world. We will support local schools by raising funds to support teacher’s and student’s curriculum needs throughout Columbia, Gilchrest, Baker, Union, and Dixie County.


Gateway Gamers

Gateway Gaming Club presents the students of FGC with the opportunity to build a campus community that promotes video gaming and the peripheral hobbies associated with video gaming. This club also promotes the opportunity to compete and hone skills in Esports under the athletics program or individually through the club resources.​ Gateway Gaming Club is open to all students regardless of major.  



Howl! is the award-winning literary and arts magazine of Florida Gateway College. The staff puts together 1-2 issues a year, each one completely composed of student-created works of art and writing. The Howl! is open to anyone enrolled in CRW 2200: Magazine Journalism, and the staff will have the opportunity to compete in statewide, regional, and national design competitions.


Mathematical Society

The purpose of this club is to provide Florida Gateway College students with the opportunity to excel in college-level mathematics, network with other college math clubs, and serve Florida Gateway College as mathematical scholars. The Florida Gateway Mathematical Society will attend, participate, host and compete in math competitions, conferences, and conventions. This organization will also provide community service and support on behalf of Florida Gateway College.


Phi Theta Kappa

The mission of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize the academic achievement of college students and to provide opportunities for them to grow as scholars and leaders.

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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association, SGA, strives to represent Florida Gateway College by representing student opinions and addressing campus needs through targeted programming and the maintenance of tradition and providing opportunities of leadership development in order to enrich the quality of student life.


Student Nursing Association

The Student Nursing Association (SNA) fosters the professional development of nursing students. SNA is the voice of the future of ​the nursing profession. ​We encourage our SNA students to not only become active on our local campus but also in our statewide and national associations. SNA is a perfect opportunity for our future nurses to gain experience in leadership, policymaking, and administrative work before entering the workforce. 


Weld Club

Weld Club allows students to gain additional welding experience by participating in fun and educational welding and fabrication-related projects. This club is limited to students in the welding program.