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FAQ’s : Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This is a complete list of questions, if you’re looking for a specific section you can jump to it by accessing the side menu.

If you have additional questions, you can email :

5/04 Update

May 14th: Summer Fees are due. You may pay your fees in MyFGC. Call us at 386-752-1822 with any questions.

May 18th: FGC will reopen campus to new and current students, with social distancing and other CDC guidelines in place. You may access our student service offices and library beginning on this date. While we are excited to have students back on campus, our number one concern is your safety. Please ensure that you social distance, wash hands and cover your cough.

May 18th: Fall registration begins!

May 26th: FGC’s campus will be open to the general public.

While summer classes are currently all online (with exception of some career and technical programs), this transitional opening plan will allow us to potentially offer some in person classes beginning June 1st. We look forward to having a traditional fall semester of in-person and online courses, as well as student events.

Summer Registration and Events

When will book slips be available to students enrolled in Summer 2020?

May 4 – May 22

Enrollment Services

How may I communicate with the Office of Enrollment Services?
While the campus is closed to students and visitors, communication with the Office of Enrollment services may still be conducted through phone, email, or fax. Please allow extra time for responses as we are working to complete all transactions handled by the office and assist our students as quickly as possible. The Enrollment Services contact information is:
Fax: 386-754-4581

Phone: 752-1822 for assistance in the Call Center and they will connect you with Enrollment Services if needed.

How may I submit residency documentation or other paperwork to Enrollment Services? (This does not include official transcripts.)
All documentation, except official transcripts, may be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Services through mail, email, or fax. While the campus is closed to students and visitors, documents may not be delivered in person. Mailing Address: Enrollment Services, Florida Gateway College, 149 SE College Place, Lake City, FL 32025. Email Address:, Fax: 386-754-4581

How may official transcripts be sent to Enrollment Services?
Official transcripts may be sent to Enrollment Services from the sending institution, through U.S. mail or an electronic network such as Parchment, E-Script, or Faster. If you had official transcripts sent directly to you, do not open them. You will need to send the official transcript, in the unopened envelope, to Enrollment Services through the U.S. mail. Put the sealed transcripts into another envelope and mail them to the address shown below. Please remember that mailed items will take longer to arrive at the Office of Enrollment Services.
Enrollment Services, Florida Gateway College, 149 SE College Place, Lake City, FL 32025

Advising Services

Will I be able to meet with an academic advisor in person to build my (summer or fall) class schedule? 

Florida Gateway College is taking every possible precaution to protect your health as well as our advising staff’s health.  Because of this, we are not conducting face-to-face meetings.  This does not keep us from meeting with your virtually or on the phone.  Your success as a student is our priority.  You can contact our advising center by email, or call us at 386-754-4222 for all your meeting options.

What is the best way to make an appointment to meet with an academic advisor?  Phone, email, text message?

The best ways to make an appointment to meet with an academic advisor are to call our office at 386-754-4222 or email our office at  You can also find our academic advisor’s direct office contact information.

Will you be offering “virtual advising sessions” since students are not allowed on campus?  If so, what are my options to do this?

The advising office will be offering virtual advising sessions through Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime as well as other digital platforms.  Please visit our academic advising page for all your options.  We understand that not all students have access to these platforms.  You can still meet your advisor on the phone by calling 386-754-4222.

Can I call my academic advisor to schedule my classes and where can I find their office phone number?

Yes, you can call your academic advisor to schedule your classes.  You can find your academic advisor’s contact information online here or call 386-754-4222.

How do I know who my academic advisor is?

Current FGC students have been assigned an academic advisor and should continue to work with them during their time at Florida Gateway College.  If you are unsure as to whom your advisor is, please call the academic advising office at 386-754-4222.

Can I register online by myself if I know which classes I want/need to take?  What is that process?

Yes, you can register for classes online.  We strongly recommend meeting with your academic advisor prior to the registration process.  The advisor will make sure the classes your taking fulfills the requirements for your degree program and keeps you track to graduate on-time.  These meetings do not take long and can prevent costly mistakes in the future.

Steps for current FGC students register at MyFGC.

  1. Enter Secure Area
  2. Enter your Student ID/PIN
  3. Click on the Student tab
  4. Click on the Registration link
  5. Click on Add/drop classes
  6. Enter the course CRN

Please watch the module on FGC website to learn more.  Go to our Orientation page and scroll down to Module 8 How to Register for Classes.

How do I go about getting permission for a 3rd attempt at a class?

If you are looking to make a 3rd attempt or more at a course, please call the academic advising office at 386-754-4222.  This is where you will make the initial request and be directed to the correct paperwork required.  Once the application is complete, it is submitted to the Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs for a decision.

When should I meet with my academic advisor to schedule classes?

The academic advising office at Florida Gateway College recommends meeting with your now to schedule your classes.  You can generate your degree evaluation at MyFGC.  For directions on generating your degree evaluation, please visit our Orientation overview and scroll down to Module 9.

How involved are advisors in helping me choose the right courses?

Our academic advisors take great pride in working with each and every one of our students.  Our main priority is your success as a student.  This includes making sure you are registering for the right courses at the right time.  Making strong academic progress each semester and graduating on time is the goal for each of our students.

How long does a typical advising session last?

Depending on the type of appointment, advisors will accommodate all of our students.  We want to make sure the student understands degree requirements and gets their questions answered.  In addition, our advisors make sure you have all the student success resources available to you during your advising session.

Can I change my major during this time?

Yes, you can change your major during this time.  You can contact us to set up a meeting to discuss any changes to your degree plans.  FGC offers many degrees and we want to make sure you are on the correct path. Visit our career services to learn more about careers and degrees offered at FGC.

How do I figure out which books I need for my classes? How do I get my books?

You can contact Follett Bookstore to determine which books you will need for each of your classes.  You can contact Follett Books at 386-754-4320 or visit them online at  They offer different methods of delivery for your books.

How should I prepare for my advising appointment?

The best way to prepare for your advising appointment is to generate your degree evaluation report prior to your appointment and have it in front of you.  This report will display your This displays GPA, total credits earned, along with requirements remaining to complete your degree. This will assist when choosing courses for the next term.

Can I still make a plan for graduation/completion with an academic advisor?

Advisors will work with students to plan out complete degrees with options. Email to contact an advisor today! Include your name and student ID#.

Financial Aid

How will my financial aid be affected if I withdraw?

Nothing has changed in regards to withdrawing from your classes and how your financial aid will be affected. Withdrawing from all your classes may require you to owe money back to the college and your SAP (Satisfactory academic progress) may adversely be affected causing you to lose financial aid the following semester.  Please call our Financial Aid office at 386-754-4296 to see how withdrawing from a class will affect you.

Can I still withdraw from courses?

Yes, but please contact Sandi Tomlinson before withdrawing. She will help you navigate through the process. Sandi Tomlinson, Student Success Director, 386-754-4413,

If I’m a work study student, do I still need to report to my job?

No, you will no longer be able to continue working on campus.

Will I still get paid my work study salary even though I’m not working?

The college has decided to continue paying your salary based on the average time worked before spring break. Each work study student will be evaluated and paid once the staff returns back to campus.

I’m still waiting on my student loans to be processed. How do I get my funds?

Once the staff returns to campus, your student loan or private loan will be processed. Please make sure you have completed your entrance counseling and MPN. If you accepted your loan since being on spring break, you will need to wait 24 hours once we return to complete your MPN.

How do I talk with someone in the financial aid office?

Please call the main number 386-754-4296 and follow the prompts to reach the person that can help you. Please keep in mind we will be extremely busy answer many calls so leave a voicemail and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

How will I know the results of my financial aid appeal that was submitted before spring break?

You will receive a letter in regards to the appeal decision.

If I have documents that need to be submitted to complete my financial aid file, how do I submit them to the financial aid office to be processed?

You can fax all documents to a secured fax machine in the financial aid office at 386-754-4529. You can also log into your myfgc and do the missing forms electronically. We also will accept documents via the mail.

Specific questions regarding Direct Federal student loans or private loans, please contact Kristen Casperson at or by phone at 386-754-4272. Please leave a voicemail and she will return your call as soon as possible.


What does this mean for our athletic teams?

Per NJCAA guidelines all recruitment activities has been halted until April 15, no practices, no face to face contact on or off campus and no campus visits.

Are we still holding the FGC Wolf Pack 5k?

This event has been postponed and we look forward to rescheduling it for late fall.

Will we have the FGC 19-20 Athletic Banquet?

This event has been postponed, we will be in touch with the athletes via email as we move forward regarding this event.

Student Activities and Residence Life

Are clubs and organizations still meeting?

Yes, clubs and organizations may still meet digitally. Reach out to their club advisor for more information.

Are we still having SGA elections?

We will be conducting SGA elections during the Fall semester of 2020.

Can I still get my Student ID made?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to issue student IDs until campus reopens to students.

Is the Student Center and/or Fitness Center open? The Student Center and Fitness center are closed at this time.

Can I still apply for Campus Housing?

Yes, we are still accepting residence life applications.

Does FGC offer counseling services to students?

There is no cost to the student for assessment, referral, and up to three counseling sessions per student per year. Students may call BayCare toll free at 1-800-878-5470 to access these free services. These calls and subsequent counseling sessions are confidential.

Student Success Center and Tutoring

What do I do if I do not have internet service for my courses?

FGC is working to create a drive-in hotspot on campus where students can work up to two and a half hours per day in the protection of their vehicle. In addition, we are working to set up hotspots in the parking lot areas of FGC’s Dixie and Gilchrist Service Centers. We will notify you when these areas are available to students and provide more details on utilizing this service in a safe and efficient manner. In addition, internet providers are offering special deals during this time, including free service for up to 60 days. Deals and offers vary by area, so we encourage you to reach out to providers in your area to learn more.

What assistance is available for students transitioning from in-person classes to online classes?

Most professors will be incorporating videos and face-to-face video conferencing to help students complete their coursework. In addition, you can always reach out to your instructors via email. Our Student Success Center will be providing face-to-face tutoring with our current tutors via zoom. We are adding a Canvas Tutoring course to every students’ Canvas dashboard with instructions to access zoom and our tutors’ schedules for the subjects they tutor. You also have access to 24/7 for your course support. Student Success staff will return to campus March 30th and will be available via phone and email to guide you through any concerns you have. Please feel free to reach out to the following staff to discuss your concerns:

Sandi Tomlinson, Student Success Director, 386-754-4413,

Rob Dawson, Lab Manager, 386-754-4382,

How do I get tutoring for my course?

You can access the Student Success Center tutors virtually on the Zoom app by clicking on the “Corona-19 Tutoring” button in any Canvas course and following the instructions on how to connect with a tutor.

Can I use the same tutor I normally use on campus?

Yes.  The tutor schedule is at the bottom of the Tutor Dashboard homepage on Canvas.  Tutors will be tutoring virtually using Zoom (directions on homepage) the same days/hours/subjects they tutored previously. Tutors will start a Zoom meeting every 30 minutes at the top of the hour and half hour (9, 9:30, 10, 10:30) for the times they are available for tutoring.

Will college offices be open and how can I get in touch with them for assistance?

Staff will return to campus on March 30th. While college offices will not be open to students or visitors, staff will be working and available via phone and email. If you need assistance from any person or office on campus, call 386-752-1822, and staff in our call center will offer help and connect you with the area you need.