Wrap it Up with our Holiday Session

We’re excited to wrap up 2020 with a special holiday session of classes over the winter break. Current fall students can wrap up more credits and new spring students can get a head start. The Holiday session will be a compressed 6 week session that begins December 1 and ends January 8 (just in time for your other Spring classes to begin) with the following general education course offerings. Make the most of your winter break and wrap it up right!

CRN Title Subject Course Number Section Part of Term Start Date End Date
20016 U S History from 1865 AMH 2020 WI1 H 12/1 1/8
20023 General Biology I with Lab BSC 2010C WI1 H 12/1 1/8
20013 Freshman Composition I ENC 1101 WI1 H 12/1 1/8
20014 Freshman Composition II ENC 1102 WI1 H 12/1 1/8
20024 Earth Science GLY 1001 WI1 H 12/1 1/8
20019 Introduction to the Humanities HUM 2020 WI1 H 12/1 1/8
20020 Philosophy and Religion HUM 2551 WI1 H 12/1 1/8
20022 College Algebra MAC 1105 WI1 H 12/1 1/8
20021 Intermediate Algebra MAT 1033 WI1 H 12/1 1/8
20017 General Psychology I PSY 2012 WI1 H 12/1 1/8
20015 Public Speaking SPC 2608 WI1 H 12/1 1/8
20018 Intro to Sociology SYG 1000 WI1 H 12/1 1/8

You may look up course descriptions and current schedule offerings in the Course Section of the College Catalog. The Holiday session classes and other spring classes will be viewable early October, and registration will be available October 26th.