New Student Orientation (NSO) is required for all First-Time in College (FTIC) students. If you need to attend NSO, your advisor will help you register for a session during your Initial Advising appointment. NSO will prepare you for your first semester of college and give you a chance to meet other FTIC students.

If you are an FTIC student, your steps to registration are as follows:

  1. Initial Advising Appointment (after acceptance to FGC)
  2. Placement testing (if required) followed by a follow-up appointment with your advisor to review the test scores
  3. Register for NSO
  4. Attend NSO – you will register for classes and set up your student accounts during NSO

*Click on the links to watch each video below*


Introduction to orientation.


Module 1

Residency Status

Learn how to complete your residency status and receive in state tuition rates.


Module 2

Placement Testing

Learn about who needs to take a placement test.  Who may be exempt, and how to schedule to take a placement test.


Module 3

My FGC Email

How to set up your FGC email in Canvas.


Module 4

Advising Services

Learn about the services provided by Academic Advising.


Module 5

Campus Resources

Learn about the campus resources available to FGC students.


Module 6

Policies and Procedures

Understanding the Academic Catalog, where to locate it, and understanding policies and procedures related to your academics.


Module 7

Schedule Planner

Learn how to use the schedule planner to see all possible schedules based on your scheduling preferences (days, times, length, and delivery method).


Module 8

How to register for classes

This video will show you how to web register for classes at FGC.


Module 9

How to run a degree evaluation

This video  will guide you on how to run a degree evaluation that will list the classes you have taken and the classes you need to take in order to complete your program of study.

Module 10

Transfer Information

What to know if you are interested in transferring to another institution.