1. Go to www.fgc.edu and click on MyFGC.
  2. Select Class Schedule and use the drop-down box to select the term you want to search. Click submit.
  3. At this point, you may search the courses by the various fields list You must always select at least one subject.
    1. To choose one subject, click on the subject.
    2. To choose all subjects, click the first subject, scroll to the bottom of the list, and press Shift while you click on the last subject. The highlighted course(s) will be displayed after you do step
    3. To choose more than one subject, click the first subject you want to search, then press the Control key while you click each additional subject. The highlighted course(s) will be displayed after you do step 3.
    4. Select options in any other field by which you wish to s Use Shift or Control to make more than one selection in a field.
  1. Click Class Search.
  2. You should now be seeing the course(s) you selected.
  3. To see additional information on a specific section, including available seats, click the course title.
  4. The course reference number (CRN) is the five digit number displayed after the course title. This is the number you will need in order to register for a specific section.
  5. At the bottom of the page, you may choose Return to Previous or New Search. If you Return to Previous or use the back browser button, be sure to click Reset at the bottom of the page in order to clear any prior search param You may now select your new search options.
  6. To see the catalog information for a course, when looking at sections select “View Catalog Entry”.

Some courses have prerequisite test scores. The guide below provides the description for each code.

Test Code Description
A01 ACT English
A02 ACT Math
A03 ACT Reading
CLVE CLAST-English Language Skills
CTAR CPT-Arithmetic
CTCM CPT-College Level Math
CTMA CPT-Elementary Algebra
CTRE CPT-Reading
CTVE CPT-English/Sentence Skills
S01 SAT1 Verbal
S02 SAT1 Mathematics
TAMA TABE-Math Level A
TARE TABE-Reading Level A
TASP TABE-Spelling Level A
TAVE TABE-English/Language Level A
TDMA TABE-Math Level D
TDRE TABE-Reading Level D
TDSP TABE-Spelling Level D
TDVE TABE-English/Language Level D
TMMA TABE-Math Level M
TMRE TABE-Reading Level M
TMSP TABE-Spelling Level M
TMVE TABE-English/Language Level M