Enrollment Services

Gayle Hunter
Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar
Phone: (386) 754-4291
Email: gayle.hunter@fgc.edu
Webpage: Admissions


Laurie Albury
Director Advising Services
Phone: (386) 754-4422
Email: laurie.albury@fgc.edu
Webpage: Advising


Audrey Hulen
Bookstore Manager
Phone: (386) 754-4320
Email: audrey.hulen@fgc.edu
Webpage: Bookstore

Collegewide Learning Lab

Dawn Havird
Collegewide Learning Lab Manager
Phone: (386) 754-4307
Email: dawn.havird@fgc.edu

Disability Services

Terry Auger
Coordinator of Disability Services
Phone: (386) 754-4215
Email: terryann.auger@fgc.edu
Webpage: Disability Services 

Financial Aid

Becky Westberry
Director Financial Aid
Phone: (386) 754-4395
Email: becky.westberry@fgc.edu
Webpage: Financial Aid


Christine Boatright
Director Library Services
Phone: (386) 754-4337
Email: christine.boatright@fgc.edu
Webpage: Library 

Student Activities

Amy Dekle
Coordinator Student Activities
Phone: (386) 754-4317
Email: amy.dekle@fgc.edu
Webpage: Student Activities

Technology Help Desk

Phone: (386) 754-4408
Email: helpdesk@fgc.edu

Testing Center

John Hartzog
Testing Coordinator
Phone: (386) 754-4335
Email: john.hartzog@fgc.edu
Webpage: Test Center