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Student Records

Change of Major

Students desiring to change their major should meet with an advisor to complete the Change of Major form. This form needs to be signed by your Advisor and Admissions and then submitted to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

Change of Name or Address

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the college has your correct name and address. You may change your address through MyFGC. You may also change your name or address by completing the appropriate forms and submitting them to the Registrar’s Office. You will need to provide a government issued photo ID with each form. Additional documentation of the name change is also required. Click here for the Name Change Form or the Address and/or Phone Number Change Form.

Student Grades

  • Consult the Academic Calendar to see the deadline for faculty to enter grades. You can view the Academic Calendar by clicking HERE.
  • Log in to MyFGC to view grades. See Student Grades on the Registrar’s web pages for more information.

Grade Recalculation

FGC recalculates the GPA when a student repeats a course and receives a grade. Students should check their unofficial transcript on MyFGC to ensure that the GPA has been recalculated. If it has not, contact the Registrar’s Office to request the recalculation. See the “Grade Forgiveness” information in the College Catalog for additional information. To obtain the form go to the college forms database page and select Grade Recalculation form.

Enrollment Verification

Students requiring enrollment verification may stop by the Registrar’s Office during normal office hours. Students who are unable to come to the Registrar’s Office may send an email request to registrar@fgc.edu. Email requests may require additional information to verify the student’s identity and protect their records.