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Student Information

Students are eligible to receive accommodations and services once they have registered with the office of Disability Services and provided documentation of their disability to the Disability Services Coordinator. Future students are encouraged to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for information regarding Disability Services. Current students can select one of the following options for information on how to access their approved accommodations.

Procedures for Accommodations | Testing Accommodations | Note-Taking
Alternate Format Textbook | Tutoring Services

Procedures for Accommodations

Students are eligible to access their approved accommodations once they have registered with the office of disability services and provided documentation.

Step 1: Request Accommodation Letters from the Disability Services office at the beginning of each semester.
Students that want to request letters early may do so once they  have registered for classes.
Letters are available 2-3 business days after they have been requested.
Students can request letters in person, by email or by calling the office at 386-754-4393

Step 2:  Pick up letters from Disability Services and give them to your instructors during their office hours.

Step 3: Provide letter to the Testing Center if testing accommodations have been approved.

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Testing Accommodations

Step 1: provide accommodation letters to your instructor and to the testing center.

Step 2: schedule an appointment to take your exam 3 business days in
advance.  You will need to schedule an appointment for each test you want to take.

Step 3: let your professor know that you will be taking your test in the testing center once your appointment has been scheduled.

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Note-Taking Accommodations

If you have been approved for note-taking accommodations and would like a note-taker, bring in a copy of your class schedule and indicate which courses you will need a note-taker for. Please notify Disability Services immediately if there are changed to your schedule.

Notes that are taken in class will go to Disability Services. Students can pick up their notes from the Disability Services office in Bldg 17 room 21.

Students must attend class in order to receive notes unless the student has an excused medical absence.

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Alternate Format Textbooks

Alternate format textbooks are available to students that have been approved for this accommodation, and have purchased the textbooks at the same price as other students, and are enrolled in courses at Florida Gateway College.

Students are eligible for alternate format textbooks for the courses that they are enrolled in.

Alternate format textbooks are available in an audio format or in a pdf

Audio textbooks are available to listen to on PCs, apple devices and Kindle devices.

To request audiobooks:

1) Contact the Disability Services office and indicate the textbook and format needed and the device that will be used.

  • It is recommended that students request materials 4 weeks prior to the start of the term.
  • Requests made later than 4 weeks will be honored, but could result in substantial delays.

2) Bring proof of purchase  (receipt) for requested materials. Alternate format materials can not be released until the student has purchased the class materials.

3) Pick up materials once the request has been fulfilled.

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Individual tutoring is not an accommodation. Disability Services does, however, provide tutoring as a service as individual need dictates. Tutoring Services will also need to be approved by the program coordinator prior to requesting a tutor.  Since tutoring slots are limited, tutoring services are assigned on a first come first serve basis as need dictates. Students that have been approved for tutoring will need to:

1) Contact the disability services office and indicate which courses they will need tutoring in.

2) Provide current and accurate contact information, including available meeting times.

3) When a tutor becomes available , the student will be contacted to set up tutoring appointments for the semester.

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