Will summer registration still begin on March, 30th?

No, summer registration is postponed until we learn more information and the summer schedule can be updated with necessary changes. We want to make sure that the classes are as accurate as possible before you register. This is to minimize the likelihood that you will register for classes that must be changed later or require you to re-register.

When will summer registration begin?

We will be reevaluating our summer schedule in light of the COVID19 situation and the possibility that online only learning will continue into the beginning of summer semester. We will learn more in the coming weeks and make decisions on the schedule of classes that we will be able to offer by April 7th. Thank you for your patience as we make every effort to ensure you have a schedule that you can rely on. We will notify you of the new registration begin date at your wolves email, through Canvas and on the college website.

Will FGC still offer Summer Camps?

The safety of your children is a priority at Florida Gateway College.  Summer camp registration has been put on hold until we can determine that our camps can be held in the safest environment possible for all those involved.