Financial Aid

When will book slips be available to students enrolled in Summer 2020?

May 4 – May 22

How will my financial aid be affected if I withdraw?

Nothing has changed in regards to withdrawing from your classes and how your financial aid will be affected. Withdrawing from all your classes may require you to owe money back to the college and your SAP (Satisfactory academic progress) may adversely be affected causing you to lose financial aid the following semester.  Please call our Financial Aid office at 386-754-4296 to see how withdrawing from a class will affect you.

Can I still withdraw from courses?

Yes, but please contact Sandi Tomlinson before withdrawing. She will help you navigate through the process. Sandi Tomlinson, Student Success Director, 386-754-4413,

If I’m a work study student, do I still need to report to my job?

No, you will no longer be able to continue working on campus.

Will I still get paid my work study salary even though I’m not working?

The college has decided to continue paying your salary based on the average time worked before spring break. Each work study student will be evaluated and paid once the staff returns back to campus.

I’m still waiting on my student loans to be processed. How do I get my funds?

Once the staff returns to campus, your student loan or private loan will be processed. Please make sure you have completed your entrance counseling and MPN. If you accepted your loan since being on spring break, you will need to wait 24 hours once we return to complete your MPN.

How do I talk with someone in the financial aid office?

Please call the main number 386-754-4296 and follow the prompts to reach the person that can help you. Please keep in mind we will be extremely busy answer many calls so leave a voicemail and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

How will I know the results of my financial aid appeal that was submitted before spring break?

You will receive a letter in regards to the appeal decision.

If I have documents that need to be submitted to complete my financial aid file, how do I submit them to the financial aid office to be processed?

You can fax all documents to a secured fax machine in the financial aid office at 386-754-4529. You can also log into your myfgc and do the missing forms electronically. We also will accept documents via the mail.

Specific questions regarding Direct Federal student loans or private loans, please contact Kristen Casperson at or by phone at 386-754-4272. Please leave a voicemail and she will return your call as soon as possible.