Services Provided by the Media and Public Information Department 

Audiovisual Services

  • Can copy copyrighted material onto playback device if the instructor has written permission from the author or publishing company.
  • Can place signage on rigid foam board for display or to be used as automobile traffic and parking signage.
  • Can laminate signs or other media for preservation.

Television Production Services

  • Video record lectures or guest lecturers in classroom or in our studio.
  • Can upload to Helix server for access by students through Canvas.
  • Can upload to College’s YouTube page for student access as long as information recorded is Fair Use or original.
  • Can also digitize for download to playback device.
  • Can promote on college television station through community calendar or talk show Perspective.

Public Information Services

  • Develop news releases announcing a program or event as well as document event photos to release to the media.
  • PIO will promote a class, lecture, event for your area through social media.
  • PIO will promote with permission from appropriate VP through all media including TV, radio, and newspaper.

Contact Information

Media and Public Information Contacts

Wilson S. Rivers Library & Media Center, Building 200

Mike McKee, Executive Director, Media & Public Information

Kathy Pearce-Smith, Senior Staff Assistant

Public Information

Stephen Culotti, Public Information Specialist

Audio Visual

Anthony Free, AV/Television Specialist