The college typically provides five areas of the campus for use by the general public and college-sponsored organizations for meetings, seminars, luncheons, performances, and banquets.

Available Facilities and Capacities

The Levy Performing Art Center, Building 006

523 seats including handicap seating

Pine Square

200 seats with tables

Wilson S. Rivers Library & Media Center – Meeting Room 102, Building 200

  • Classroom-style seating will accommodate max of 60
  • Audience-style seating will accommodate approx. 100
  • Other configurations with dictate seating capacity

Building 200 Atrium

May be used for receptions

Building 200 – Classroom 153 (limited availability)

Accommodates 30. Classroom-style seating ONLY

The first step to hosting an event is to receive permission from appropriate Director, Executive Director, Dean, or Vice President. Next, host must secure the facility by contacting the Media and Community Information Department. This must be done at least 30 days prior to the event.

When making a request, please indicate “college sponsored” or “off-campus user.” The forms are different and a small fee is charged for the “off-campus user.” If the event involves a for-profit organization under the “off campus user” paperwork, and a contract must be initiated and reviewed by the Purchasing Department for proper billing.

Once the paperwork is completed it should be returned to the Media & Community Information Department for further distribution. It is important for paperwork to be returned in a timely manner so that arrangements can be made with custodial for the scheduling of post event clean-up, maintenance for facility set-up, audiovisual for public address systems, and public information for event promotion.

Custodial – GCA – Mary Newsome, 386-965-8022

For additional trash receptacles, set-up of Conference Center and Lake City Medical Center Auditorium and post-event clean-up.

Audiovisual – Mike McKee, 386-754-4329

Public address, PowerPoint presentation set-up, and video recording of event.

The Grill, Phil Crenshaw, 386-754-4299,

Should your event require catering, The Grill has the first right of refusal to cater your event.

Public Information Office, Stephen Culotti, 386-754-4247

Newspaper publicity, recognition of your guests, photography during event and directional signage for arriving guests.   All requests should be made 2 weeks in advance.

Maintenance- Ralph Medico, 386-754-4429

Table and chair set-up of Pine Square

Wire holders for directional signage are available in the Public Information Office for display on a limited basis, 386-754-4247.

A dry mount and lamination service for directional signage is available through the Audiovisual Department, 386-754-4329.

As a courtesy, please notify The Grill if you plan to have a large group on campus and are not providing a meal. The notification will allow cafeteria staff to plan for additional patrons. Many times unexpected large groups can overwhelm the staff during lunch rush.

Do not rely solely on e-mail to confirm your needs. A follow-up phone call to the following service area coordinators is helpful to prevent problems due to possible lost paperwork or errors in paperwork.

It is the goal of the entire college family to ensure our guests have a positive experience while visiting our campus. By following these procedures we should reach that goal.

Additional College Facilities

Lake City Medical Center Auditorium – Allied Health Building 103

100 without tables, 85 with tables
Contact the nursing department: 386-754-4362

Galloway Auditorium in Building 008

125 in classroom setting
Contact Becky Berry: 386-754-4253

Howard Center, Building 010

300 to 400 with tables in banquet set-up
1,180 with both bleachers out
Contact Mike McKee: 386-754-4329