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The FEDERAL WORK-STUDY (FWS) program provides part-time job opportunities for you if you have student financial aid eligibility.  It gives you a chance to earn money to help pay for your educational expenses and provides valuable experience.  In addition, you are afforded the opportunity to perform valuable services for your college and community.

If Work-Study is part of your financial package, you should contact the Financial Aid Office in the first week of classes for your job assignment.  This is a need-based limited fund program and student workers are required to be enrolled in six (6) credit hours and maintain the standards of progress with a 2.0 GPA.  You’ll earn at least the current federal minimum wage, which will be mailed directly to you or direct deposited into your bank account twice a month.  Your total Federal Work-Study award depends on when you apply, your level of financial needs, and your school’s funding level.  The amount you earn cannot exceed your total award.   When assigning work hours your employer or financial aid administrator will consider your class schedule and your academic progress.  If you have any further questions in reference to this program, please contact Siddhy Patel at 386-754-4284.