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Dispositions of Effective Teachers

As developed by INTASC, the dispositions of effective teachers are discussed below and are taken from the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) principles.

  1. Is sensitive to community and cultural norms, and engages in and supports appropriate professional practices for self and colleagues.
  2. Demonstrates a willingness to work with other professionals to improve the overall learning environment for students.
  3. Takes responsibility for establishing a positive classroom climate and recognizes the importance of peer relationships in establishing a climate of learning.
  4. Respects students as individuals and respects students’ privacy and confidentiality of information.
  5. Treats all students fairly and equitably, valuing individual differences and experiences.
  6. Demonstrates an awareness of all aspects of a child’s well being (cognitive, emotional, social, and physical).
  7. Shows commitment to adapting instruction to students’ responses, ideas, and needs in order to facilitate the development of students’ critical thinking, independent problem solving, and performance capabilities.
  8. Demonstrates flexibility and is open to adjustment and revision based on needs and changing circumstances.
  9. Exhibits behaviors that show a commitment to planning, reflection, assessment, and learning as on-going processes.
  10. Demonstrates thoughtful, effective verbal and nonverbal communication and responsive listening.
  11. Demonstrates enthusiasm for the discipline(s) taught, keeps abreast of new ideas and developments in the field, and sees connections to everyday life.