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Courses Tutored

MAT 0018, Arithmetic with Algebra
MAT 0028, Elementary Algebra
MAT 1033, Intermediate Algebra
MAC 1105, College Algebra
MGF 1105, Math for Liberal Arts I
MGF 1106, Math for Liberal Arts II
STA Statistics
MAC 1114, Trigonometry
MAC 1140, Pre-Calculus
MAC 2311 & 2312, Calculus I and II
ACG 2021 & 2071, Accounting
CHM 2045 & 2046, Chemistry
PHY 2053 & 2054, Physics
BSC 2085 & 2086, Anatomy and Physiology
BSC 2010 & 2011, Biology
SPN 1120 & 1121, 2023, Spanish
Writing across the curriculum
REA 0017, College ReadingENC 1101, Freshman Composition I
ENC 1102, Freshman Composition II
PHI 2600, Ethics
SPC 2608, Public Speaking
SLS 1501, College Experience
PERT Testing
TABE Testing

Tutoring in other subject areas varies semester to semester.

Call 386-754-4382 for more information.

See the schedule for day and time of individual tutor availability.

Fall Tutor Schedule

All tutors are CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association) certified and are available during the Student Success Center posted hours.

A wide variety of subject areas covered, but varies from semester to semester. Tutoring is done on a drop in basis.

For more information, contact:

Robert Dawson
Manager – Student Success Center
386-754-4382 is an online tutorial service purchased by FGC for student use. Access is available through any enrolled course access via Canvas. covers most subjects and is available 24/7.