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FGC Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

Succeed in school. Develop professional skills. Grow as a person. There are many reasons why you should study abroad, and they all fit into three important categories: academic, professional, and personal.

Academic Reasons

According to research, study abroad alumni have higher GPAs and higher graduation rates than their peers who do not study abroad. These trends hold true across gender, socioeconomic, and racial demographics.In short, students who study abroad achieve academically at higher rates than those who do not. Part of this success might be attributed to the cognitive growth students experience when they travel internationally.

Professional Reasons

In addition to succeeding at higher rates in college, study abroad alumni also develop desirable transferable skills like communication, tolerance, adaptability, and problem solving. Of course, international experience is critical in today’s global economy.

Personal Reasons

Study abroad alumni report an increase in self-confidence, maturity, and greater independence. Their international experiences lead to a more sophisticated worldview, and an appreciation for foreign cultures. They report a broader diversity in their friendships. And, to their surprise, they often report a deeper appreciation of their own culture. Plus, traveling abroad will challenge you. Many participants report learning as much about themselves as they learn about the course material.

Studying abroad is more than just a fun thing to do. It changes you in ways that enhance your academic, professional, and personal skills.

The Program

In Summer 2023, you can live at the historic Harlaxton Manor while participating in FGC’s Study Abroad program. The program will take place during the B6 term, with travel dates from June 25 to July 15.

Please note: admission preference is given to degree-seeking students, and you must be 18 or older by June 25, 2023.


Students will take two courses and earn six (6) hours of General Education credit:

ARH 2051, Art History: Renaissance to Modern

This course continues the text from ARH2050, beginning in the Renaissance period and following the lineage of art history to contemporary works. Students will be introduced to major works of architecture and art from the Baroque, Rococo, and Romantic periods. Among other works, students will look at the portraits and etchings of Rembrandt, the classical works of Vermeer, and the haunting paintings of J. M. W. Turner. Students will explore how cultural shifts in thinking and technology innovation changed the artistic styles throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Contemporary works will be examined as products of the influence of extreme artistic experimentation that took place in the 1900s and the changes in social attentions throughout this time period.

CRW 2001: Creative Writing

In this course, students will have the opportunity to explore their creative sides. This is not just another “writing class” – it’s a writing class limited only by your creativity. Write a ghost story inspired by Harlaxton Manor’s secret passages, or a poem inspired by the stained glass of Lincoln Cathedral. If you prefer non-fiction, write a narrative of your visit to Nottingham Castle, or a review of the Gregory Arms (a pub across from Harlaxton). Pieces will be workshopped by the class, and select works may be published in the next issue of FGC’s literary magazine, HOWL!


For three weeks, we will live in the U.K., primarily at Harlaxton Manor (and five days in London). We will depart the U.S. on June 25, and return on July 15. While in the U.K., we will visit places like:


While in Lincoln, you will visit the beautiful Lincoln Cathedral and see its amazing stain glass windows. Don’t forget to search the cathedral for its famous Imp! After touring the cathedral, you will be able to enter Lincoln Castle – and view one of the four copies of the Magna Carta. Finally, you’ll be given some free time to explore the city with a friend.


In Nottingham, you’ll get to tour Nottingham Castle – and don’t miss the statue of the legendary Robin Hood just outside its walls. During your free time in Nottingham, you and a friend can choose to explore the city on your own. Possibilities include visiting the City of Caves or Ye Olde Saluation Inn, a fifteenth-century pub that has its own caves (supposedly home to a ghost of a young child named Rosie).


In Oxford, a guide will walk you through the famous Bodleian Library, and then you can explore the Ashmolean Museum or the Pitts Rivers Museum. Later, you might grab a bite at the Eagle and Child, the pub where J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis used to hang out together.


While in York, you’ll get to tour the famous York Minster, as well as explore some of the city on your own. You might walk the medieval walls, check out the JORVIK Viking Centre, walk through the historic Shambles, or even visit the York Chocolate Story (a museum of chocolate-making in York).


On the way to London, we will go punting on the River Cam. Just make sure to twist the pole when you push off the river’s bottom; otherwise, it might get stuck in the mud – if that happens, just let it go so we don’t have to fish you out of the water!


You will spend almost five days in London, and each day will be action-packed. Excursions include the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tate Modern, the White Chapel Gallery, the British Museum, the National Portrait Gallery – and, of course, a play in the famous Globe Theatre. You’ll also have some free time to explore the city with a friend. Check out London’s official visitor’s guide here.


The FGC at Harlaxton College program package rate is $5,300.00. Program costs include accommodations at Harlaxton Manor, airfare, tuition, textbooks, transportation for program-related activities while in the UK, admission to program-sanctioned excursions, travel/health insurance, and most meals.

Additional expenses for students include additional personal travel on weekends, some meals (especially in London), and any souvenirs or personal excursions.


Students accepted into the FGC at Harlaxton College Summer 2023 study abroad program will be required to attend three mandatory orientation sessions:

  • Program details and deadlines (around October 25, 2022)
  • General Study Abroad Orientation (around January 15, 2023)
  • Program-Specific Orientation (around April 15, 2023)

Students unable to attend orientation sessions should alert program leaders immediately and make alternative plans for meeting with them.

Our Partner

Harlaxton College is owned and operated by the University of Evansville (Indiana). UE was founded in 1854, and is an accredited private liberal arts institution.

UE is nationally ranked in numerous categories, and its Study Abroad program at Harlaxton College has been ranked #1 by Best College Reviews.

Florida Gateway College is partnering with Harlaxton College to bring our students a similar high-quality educational experience in one of the world’s most fascinating countries.

For more information about Harlaxton College, please visit:

Preparing to Go

Financial Aid Information

Finances are often the major hindrance keeping students from participating in study abroad programs.

Before students rule out their ability to participate in the FGC at Harlaxton College Summer 2023 study abroad program, they should make an appointment with one of FGC’s financial aid specialists to discuss how their current financial aid packages could be used to pay for study abroad.

Florida Gateway College Financial Aid Office

Building 14, Room 147


Phone: 386-754-4296

In addition to financial aid, students who receive the Pell Grant can apply for the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship study abroad scholarship. Click here for Gilman Scholarship information.

Other scholarship opportunities may be available as well. Financial aid specialists can also help students find such opportunities. Click here for general information on grants and scholarships.


All students participating in the FGC at Harlaxton College Summer 2023 study abroad program will need a valid passport. Note that it could take at least 4-6 weeks to receive a passport, so get started early!

Additionally, students with passports should ensure that their passports are valid at least six months after the study abroad program ends (current passports should be valid through January 2024); if not, students will need to renew their passports before departing on the program.

Check here for information concerning how to apply for a passport, or here for information on renewing a passport. The video below also provides information on applying in person for a passport, which students will need to do if applying for their first passport.

To find local acceptance facilities, click here.

Health & Safety

While studying abroad, FGC faculty and staff will be sure to provide up-to-date information concerning safety risks in the areas in which you will be studying. It is important for you to take precautions when it comes to health and safety as well. Check out the following resources for information on how to stay aware of safety risks and how to manage your personal health:

STEP Program

Before departing the U.S., students may want to sign up for the Smart Traveller Enrollment Program (STEP), offered by the U.S. State Department. This app will alert students of security risks in their area and could assist in an emergency. 

Health Insurance

Students will be covered for major health emergencies under Harlaxton College’s health insurance policy through EIIA. Check out EIIA here. Official policies will be distributed upon acceptance into the study abroad program.

Student Conduct Abroad

Participating in a study abroad program is an honored privilege. By participating in FGC’s inaugural study abroad program, students become ambassadors representing Florida Gateway College, north central Florida, and the United States at large. As such, it is important that students conduct themselves appropriately at all times.

Students are expected to follow the laws of their host country as well as those of the United States while abroad. As student ambassadors, students are also bound by Florida Gateway College’s student code of conduct, which can be found here in FGC’s Student Handbook.

Students who fail to conduct themselves per these rules and laws will face expulsion from the study abroad program. Information on warning and expulsion procedures can be found in the Study Abroad Handbook. Students expelled from the program will be responsible for any fees involved in changing their departure date from the U.K.

How To Apply

**For admission, you must be 18 years or older before June 25, 2023**

Do you think all of this sounds like a great way to expand your academic horizons? Check out the application and application procedures below.

Important Deadlines

Completed application packets are due on or before September 30, 2022.

Students accepted to the FGC at Harlaxton College Summer 2023 program will receive an additional list of deadlines for submission of information including but not limited to Statement of Intent, proof of passport, program paperwork, etc.

Schedule of fees

Students accepted to the study abroad program should note the following payment of fees deadlines:

October 1, 2022                    $50.00 (application)  

November 1, 2022                $1,250.00                   

January 3, 2023                    $1,350.00                    March 1, 2023             $1,350.00                  

In order to participate in the FGC at Harlaxton College Summer 2023 study abroad program, students must submit a completed application before September 30, 2022.

Completed application packets will include the following:

  • A completed application form
  • A 500-word personal essay
  • 2 letters of recommendation
    • One from an FGC faculty member
    • One from another non-family source (another instructor/teacher, work supervisor, church leader, mentor)
  • $50.00 non-refundable application fee

Application packets will be reviewed by a committee and accepted students will be notified via email by October 17, 2022. 

If you’re ready to join us in the U.K., download the application packet here and email a completed packet and any supporting documents to Please ask your references to send their letters to that address, as well.