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Program Overview

Computer Office Specialist with Programming, College Credit Certificate (C.C.C.)

The Computer Office Specialist with Programming certificate is designed to give the student marketable skills in Microsoft Office applications, with emphasis on spreadsheet and database management, web development or desktop publishing skills and some basic Windows programming skills that can be used in advanced spreadsheet and database management applications. Only six classes are required. This Computer Office Specialist with Programming certificate can be taken entirely online and requires 18 credit hours.


Florida Gateway College Online

Testing Entrance Requirements

Students must demonstrate competence in reading, math, or language through placement examination or by passing the appropriate reading, math or language courses, if not exempt by state board of education rule 6A-10.0315. A student who does not achieve minimum scores will be required to take developmental educations classes in English, math, reading, and SLS 1501 the College Experience.


Classes are delivered online.


  • Tuition: $1,859.76
  • Lab Fees: $120
  • Books: $856.99
  • Total: $2836.75




Credit hours

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Careers at a Glance

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of this program will be equipped with expertise in computer programming and Microsoft Office applications for successful technology-related careers.

This certificate will allow the student to transition easily into the next certificate, the Computer Support Specialist with Programming certificate.

Program Details

Learning Outcomes
  • Students will demonstrate algorithm or program code development by successfully coding and testing programs based upon requirements specification.
  • Students will demonstrate the capability to use desktop productivity software applications (word processing, spreadsheets, database, and presentation) effectively by successfully completing exercises in a simulation environment.
  • Students will demonstrate the acquisition of problem-solving techniques by successful completion of subject-matter examinations and application of program coding and testing, evaluating, and synthesizing material offered by the courses in this program.
  • Students will demonstrate the successful completion of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) using an integrated development environment.