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Program Overview

Law Enforcement to Corrections Basic Recruit, Occupational Certificate (O.C.)

This program is designed to prepare students who will have the responsibility of overseeing individuals who are awaiting trial or who have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to serve time in jail, correctional institution, or prison. Significant time is spent preparing students to take the State of Florida FDLE Certification Examination.

Review the guided degree pathway where you will find a detailed plan for your courses and other requirements each semester that prepare you for graduation and your transfer goals.


Florida Gateway College’s Public Safety Training Center (Olustee campus) Florida Gateway College’s Gilchrist Center

Testing Entrance Requirements

Florida Basic Abilities Test
Physical entrance test


Academy Hours: Monday-Thursday 7 am-5:30 pm


  • Tuition: $560.22
  • Lab Fees: $100.00
  • Florida Basic Abilities Test: $39.00
  • Background Fee: $50.00
  • Drug Screen: $31.00
  • Test Code Fee: $73.50
  • Uniforms: $121.00
  • Total Cost: $973.72


Completion Rate


Job Placement Rate


State Licensure Rate

Law Enforcement Crime Scene.jpgLaw Enforcement Rifle.jpgLaw Enforcement Pull Over.jpgLaw Enforcement Lab Drill.jpgLaw Enforcement Flares.jpg

Careers at a Glance

Starting Salaries

Varies and ranges from $27,605 to $42,500.

Employment Opportunities

Students who complete this program PRIOR to successfully passing the State Officer Certification Examination are eligible for certification as a Corrections officer anywhere in the state of Florida.

Employers of FGC Graduates

  • Columbia County Sheriff’s Office
  • Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office
  • Dixie County Sheriff’s Office
  • Baker County Sheriff’s Office
  • Union County Sheriff’s Office
  • Bradford County Sheriff’s Office
  • Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office
  • Taylor County Sheriff’s Office
  • Lake City Correctional Facility
  • Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office
  • Florida Department of Corrections

Program Details

Admission Requirements

Admission Steps:

  1. Apply for Financial Aid (if applicable).
  2. Request an application from the training center.
  3. File for admission to Florida Gateway College.
  4. Complete and submit the application packet.
  5. Take and pass the Basic Abilities Test.
  6. Attend and successfully complete the Physical Entrance Test.

Admission Requirements:

  • Be at least 19 years of age upon graduation from the program.
  • Be a citizen of the United States.
  • Have earned a high school diploma or equivalent (GED).
  • Not have been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor involving perjury or false statement.
Program Notes
  • There is limited access to this program.
  • This program is available in January, April, July and October.
  • Florida Gateway College maintains a Public Safety Training Center in Olustee, bringing the “Hometown College” to all of the residents of our district.
  • The vast majority of instructors are full-time employees in their chosen profession. This ensures that the material is being presented in a relevant and realistic manner.
  • The law enforcement and corrections programs have received a Type A certification from the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. This is the highest type certification available for criminal justice training schools in the state of Florida.
  • This program has an above-average state exam pass rate.
  • Post basic, advanced and specialized courses are available.
Program Guide & Syllabi
  • CJK 0300 Introduction to Corrections 32 hours, 1.07 VCH
  • CJK 0305 Communications 40 hours, 1.33 VCH
  • CJK 0310 Officer Safety 16 hours, 0.53 VCH
  • CJK 0315 Facility and Equipment 8 hours, 0.27 VCH
  • CJK 0393 Crossover Program Updates 8 hours, 0.27 VCH
  • CJK 0320 Intake and Release 18 hours, 0.60 VCH
  • CJK 0325 Supervising in a Correctional Facility 40 hours, 1.33 VCH
  • CJK 0330 Supervising Special Populations 20 hours, 0.67 VCH
  • CKL 0335 Responding to Incidents and Emergencies 16 hours, 0.53 VCH

Program Total: 198 hours, 6.60 VCH

Learning Outcomes
  • How to exhibit basic knowledge of the Florida criminal and civil laws, as well as the federal guidelines concerning care, custody, and control of pretrial detainees and sentenced inmates.
  • Apply basic knowledge of the communication skills necessary for correctional officers.
  • Demonstrate basic firearm skills for correctional officers.
  • Perform defensive tactic skills necessary for correctional officers.
  • Perform basic First Aid/First Responder skills necessary for correctional officers.
Book List & Materials
  • FL BRTP Corrections Academy, Vol 1
  • FL BRTP, High Liability Curriculum, Vol 2