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Online Certificate in Horticulture



This 18 credit online certificate consists of six 3-credit courses that are appropriate for anyone working in the golf, landscape, or any horticulture industry. This certificate provides a basic plant science/horticulture background.

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1. All six 3-credit courses are available online for those who want to work and start college.

2. The six courses are:

• Principles of Plant Growth – BOT-1000
• Agricultural Chemistry – PLS-1021C
• Soils & Fertilizers – SWS-1102
• Turfgrass for Golf & Landscape – GCO-1400C
• Landscape Plants – ORH-1517
• Golf & Landscape Irrigation – GCO-2431

3. To register for classes, a student must:

• Apply to FGC by going to www.fgc.edu, complete an application, send it to FGC Admissions (no fee).
• Have transcripts sent to FGC to prove student is a high school grad or has a GED
• Once a student receives acceptance to FGC, a student is able to register for classes.
• A student must start a class at the beginning of a fall, spring, or summer semester. It is good to be accepted about three weeks before the start of every semester to be sure to make the acceptance deadline.

4. Questions about this program should be addressed to: Joseph Petersen, joseph.petersen@fgc.edu, 386-754-4225.

5. To be eligible for any scholarships, a student must fill out a federal form called FAFSA. Contact the financial aid office to learn how to apply online at 386-754-4395.