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Policies and Procedures


Academic Amnesty 6Hx12:9-37
Academic Appeals 6Hx12:9-39
Academic Freedom 6Hx12:4-00
Access to Student Educational Records 6Hx12:9-34
Accreditation 6Hx12:4-01
Administrative Leave 6Hx12:7-08
Admission Criteria 6Hx12:9-12
Advisory Committees 6Hx12:3-00
AIDS 6Hx12:6-42
Americans with Disabilities Act 1990 (ADA) 6Hx12:6-44
Animals on Campus 6Hx12:3-12
Annual Leave 6Hx12:6-31
Appointment of College Personnel 6Hx12:6-01
Attendance Policy 6Hx12:9-02
Audio Visual Equipment Loan 6Hx12:3-18
Award of Degrees and Certificates 6Hx12:4-03
Billings for Agency-Sponsored Courses 6Hx12:5-13
Board Sub-committee Expenditures of Board Funds 6Hx12:5-03
Budget Process for Student Activity 6Hx12:9-36
Building Construction 6Hx12:10-1
Business Management-General 6Hx12:5-00
Campus Security and Crime Statistics 6Hx12:3-17
Campus Student Organizations 6Hx12:9-03
Chaperons for College Sponsored Events 6Hx12:9-19
Clearing of Matters with the President 6Hx12:3-15
Code of Ethics 6Hx12:06-50
Collection Development for the Library 6Hx12:4-09
College Property 6Hx12:3-01
College Sponsored Student Travel 6Hx12:9-33
College Staffing Schedules 6Hx12:6-41
Compensatory Leave 6Hx12:8-01
Conflict of Interest for Grant Awards 6Hx12:05-15
Consultant Services Provided to Educational Institutions 6Hx12:3-04
Contracts 6Hx12:3-03
Course Deletion 6Hx12:9-27
Credit for Prior Service in Salary Schedule 6Hx12:7-03
Deferment of Student Tuition and Fees 6Hx12:11-1
Demotion 6Hx12:8-02
Differential Out-of-State Fee for Residents of Contiguous
Georgia Counties
Direct Support Organizations and Gift Acceptance 6Hx12:2-05
Discrimination and Harassment 6Hx12:6-23
Dismissal of Board Members 6Hx12:2-08
District Board of Trustees 6Hx12:2-00
Domestic Violence/Employee Leave 6Hx12:6-49
Drug-Free Campus 6Hx12:10-9
Drug-Free Workplace 6Hx12:6-43
Dual Enrollment and Early Admissions Programs 6Hx12:9-15
Duties, Powers and Responsibilities of the District
Board of Trustees
Duties, Powers and Responsibilities of the President 6Hx12:2-03
Emergency Evacuation 6Hx12:3-09
Employee Charged with the Commission of a Felony 6Hx12:6-08
Employee/Retiree Fee Scholarships 6Hx12:6-04
Employee Insurance Coverage 6Hx12:6-05
Employees – Probation and Dismissal 6Hx12:8-04
Employment Classification and Reclassification 6Hx12:8-03
Employment of Consultants & Short Term Contracts 6Hx12:3-05
Employment of Instructional Personnel 6Hx12:7-02
Employment of Relatives (Nepotism) 6Hx12:6-06
Equal Access/Equal Opportunity 6Hx12:6-07
Evaluation and Award of Transfer Credit 6Hx12:09-40
Executive, Administrative, Professional Employee
Extended Leave of Absence 6Hx12:6-32
Faculty Ranking System 6Hx12:7-14
Family and Medical Leave 6Hx12:6-35
Fees For College Sponsored Events 6Hx12:3-16
Financial Aid Appeals 6Hx12:9-30
Fines 6Hx12:5-05
Firearms Range 6Hx12:10-7
Funds Derived from Auxiliary Enterprises and Undesignated Gifts 6Hx12:5-02
GED® Testing for Underage Students 6Hx12:4-13
General Student Complaints 6Hx12:09-38
Graduation Requirements 6Hx12:9-00
Grants Administration 6Hx12:05-16
Grievances 6Hx12:6-10
Hazing Prohibited 6Hx12:9-04
Holidays 6Hx12:6-26
Illness-in-Line-of-Duty Leave 6Hx12:6-33
Improper Activities Policy 6Hx12:06-51
Injuries to College Employees 6Hx12:3-07
Instructional Affairs 6Hx12:4-04
Instructional Employee Resignation 6Hx12:7-06
Instructional Work Schedule 6Hx12:4-05
Intellectual Property 6Hx12:4-14
Job Descriptions for Personnel of the College 6Hx12:2-04
Jury Duty or Court Leave 6Hx12:6-34
Keys 6Hx12:10-2
Leave of Absence 6Hx12:6-29
Maintenance of Professional Standards for Continuing
Contract Status
Maintenance of Student Records 6Hx12:9-25
Measurement and Verification to Monitor Cost Savings 6Hx12:05-18
Medical Services to Students 6Hx12:9-32
Mentoring Program 6Hx12:6-48
Military Leave 6Hx12:6-36
Naming Campus Facilities 6Hx12:10-6
Non-Instructional Employee Resignation 6Hx12:8-00
Non-Instructional Employees Salary Increases 6Hx12:8-05
Off-Campus Registration and Fee Collections 6Hx12:11-5
Organization of District Board of Trustees 6Hx12:2-01
Outside Employment and Activities 6Hx12:6-12
Overtime 6Hx12:8-06
Performance Evaluation of Personnel 6Hx12:6-13
Personal Leave 6Hx12:6-37
Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual 6Hx12:6-00
Personnel Policy Adoption 6Hx12:6-14
Personnel Records 6Hx12:6-15
Placement of Instructional Personnel on the Salary
Planning and Accountability 6Hx12:4-02
Political Activities of Employees 6Hx12:6-02
Possession, Storage and Issuance of Weapons, Firearms &
Ammunition on Campus
Postsecondary Credit Definition 6Hx12:4-17
Professional Associations 6Hx12:6-16
Professional Leave 6Hx12:6-38
Progress of Students 6Hx12:9-06
Promotion and Transfer 6Hx12:6-17
Protection of Vulnerable Persons Law 6Hx12:03-19
Public Performance 6Hx12:3-13
Purchasing Card Program 6Hx12:5-17
Purchasing, Competitive Solicitations and Contracts 6Hx12:5-01
Reappointment 6Hx12:6-18
Reasonable Accommodation 6Hx12:3-14
Reassignments 6Hx12:6-19
Receipts and Disbursements of Funds 6Hx12:05-14
Recruitment and Selection of College Employees 6Hx12:6-20
Recruitment of Students 6Hx12:9-05
Red Flag Identity Theft Prevention 6Hx12:03-20
Reduction in Force 6Hx12:6-28
Refund Policy 6Hx12:11-4
Religious Observance 6Hx12:9-21
Retirement Incentive Policy 6Hx12:6-11
Retirement and Social Security 6Hx12:6-21
Staff and Program Development 6Hx12:6-47
Salary Schedules 6Hx12:6-22
Sanitation, Safety and Maintenance of College Plant 6Hx12:10-4
Selecting Professional Services 6Hx12:10-5
Sex/Gender Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct 6Hx12:6-45
Sick Leave 6Hx12:6-39
Solicitations 6Hx12:3-11
Student Discipline 6Hx12:9-08
Student Fees 6Hx12:5-12
Student Fee Schedules 6Hx12:11-3
Student Loan Practices Code of Conduct 6Hx12:9-35
Student Scholarships 6Hx12:9-22
Student Charged with the Commission of a Felony 6Hx12:9-18
Substitution, Modification or Waiver of Requirements for
Eligible Students with Disabilities
Suspension, Dismissal, or Return to Annual Contract for
Continuing Contract Personnel
Teaching by Non-Instructional Personnel During Regular
Duty Hours
Temporary Duty 6Hx12:6-40
Temporary Employment 6Hx12:6-27
Terminal Pay 6Hx12:6-24
Text book Affordability, Adoption and Selection Procedure 6Hx12:4-16
Tobacco Products 6Hx12:10-8
Traffic and Parking 6Hx12:10-3
Travel and Per Diem 6Hx12:6-03
Tuition Free Registration for State Employees 6Hx12:11-09
Use of College Facilities 6Hx12:10-00
Use of Courses for Advancement on the Salary Schedule 6Hx12:7-04
Waiver of Fees 6Hx12:11-2
Wellness Program 6Hx12:6-46
Work Week 6Hx12:6-25
Workers’ Compensation 6Hx12:6-30